Visual Rhetoric- phillygirl

:00- :04         three boys, one father dancing inside of  their home. Maybe in the dining room. Front door open and it’s nice weather, so I’m assuming they just came inside or about to leave out in a few. They’re all wearing sweat pant material pants, so they’re probably going to play a sport. Father showing younger boy how to do a certain dance.

:05-:06       game console on the TV stand, maybe their about to or just finished playing a video game. dad kicks leg up and points at youngest son as if he’s trying to show a certain type of interest. Father and kids are clearly excited and enjoying their time together.

:07-:10         Father and youngest son in the front are having a dance battle, while the two oldest boys are dancing together. Father turn was over, now it’s the youngest son turn.

:11-:16           it is still the youngest sons turn to dance. Dad is covering his mouth showing the son that his dance moves are hot!

:17-:21        the words “it only takes a moment to make a moment” appears on the screen. As the words pop up, they are all enjoying a good laugh.

:22          The boys and their father continue dancing and laughing as the dad is staring at them.

:23-:30       Words “Take time out to be a dad” appears on the screen.

Without music- The video’s purpose was made. They showed a father having a good time spending quality time with his children. They got their point across. The setting and the background gave enough detail that the audience could tell what the video’s about even without sound.


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