Critical Reading-Morty39

Part 16:

“In 2009, it was Hovda who delivered the Pentagon the recommendation that because multiple concussions could cause serious long-term injury, concussions need time to heal. “

“The recommendation” makes it seem they were not really trying to push or force the issues of concussions and the time to heal from them

“Could cause,” if they really want to try and force these rules on concussion they are not using strong enough words to push the subject.

“A fight ensued. Hovda says some of the Army’s best doctors implied that if soldiers were told they needed rest after concussions, it was going to usher in an epidemic of fakers, or retired guys claiming disability way after the fact.”

“A fight” makes it seem like there was a big ordeal and that the army really does not want their soldiers getting break after concussions.

“Implied” They do not know if it would really happen, but they would rather take the risk of the soldiers having long term medical issues rather than the chance some would take advantage of it.

“Epidemic” is most likely exaggerated

“Retired guys” makes it seem kind of annoyed about the situation, they did not say vets, which they should be called

“Although, the NFL was given the same memo in the 1990s, and brain damage in boxers is even older news, so it doesn’t seem like it would take a neuroscientist—or the top medical brass of an Army that builds laser cannons—to figure out that if 25 mph punches to the head cause brain damage, IED blasts that hit at 330 mph probably do too.”

“Is even older news” They are really showing that this has been a big issue by now and most people have realized how bad concussions can be

“Neuroscientist” Sarcasm to show that this is simple and does not take a lot of thought to realize it.

“IED blasts that hit at 330 mph probably do too.” This is in a annoying tone saying that it is pretty much the equivalent as 2 + 2.

“Eventually, Hovda’s cause prevailed. These days, there are MRIs in theater, assessments after blasts, mandatory rest periods after a concussion. But those reforms came seven years into the Iraq War, after Caleb and a million other soldiers were already home. When people ask Hovda if they’re gonna get better, he encourages them that they’re gonna get different.”

“Eventually” This shows that they are more than annoyed at how long they took to realize how bad concussions are.

“Million other soldiers” I would say this is an exaggeration but it is most likely close to the number of solders, there were definitely not a million but it gives the idea of how bad it was.

“Encourages” encourages they are going to be different is not a good answer when they ask if they are going to get better.






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