My hypothesis- Morty39

  1. There are a lot of pit bulls in shelters
  2. Pit bulls are not dangerous
  3. Pit bulls and dogfighting rings
  4. Can we rehabilitate pit bulls after they are used for dog fighting?
  5. How can we get the pit bulls out of the shelters?
  6. Could pit bulls be good police dogs?

3 thoughts on “My hypothesis- Morty39”

  1. I love your heart, Morty.
    You must be thinking of pet cruelty specifically, not broader animal cruelty.
    Right? Not animal testing? Not puppy mills?

    I’m on your team.
    Who isn’t?
    Nobody I want to know is in favor of animal cruelty.

    That said . . .
    How do we make this a research project?

    It’s laughably easy to find a source that already draws your Number 6 six conclusion:

    So, if your essay’s already been written, where do we go from here?


  2. Morty, we can ignore this post from now on. The next time you revise your Hypothesis, or offer an alternative, should be inside your White Paper. This post was just to get the process started. Your White Paper has already begun to develop your original hypothesis, so this is just evidence of how far you’ve already progressed.

    I do regret that you didn’t respond to my feedback here. The process works SO much better when we have a dialog.


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