My Hypothesis-myrtleview

  1. Black culture and pop culture trends
  2. The increased view of black culture becomes apart of mainstream.
  3. The effect of braids worn by black women seen on social media is stolen by non-minority celebrities and rebranded as  a new trend creating cultural appropriation.

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis-myrtleview”

  1. This is fascinating, MyrtleView.
    What is your point?
    1. Black women wear braids.
    2. White women start to wear braids.
    3. ?????

    I don’t want you to give up on this topic, MyrtleView. I want you to decide why it’s meaningful.

    For 100 years or more, black women straightened their hair, making it more like the hair of white women, at tremendous cost of money and physical pain. Some still do. Why? To emulate white women?

    You rightly note that white women will sometimes emulate a hair style favored by black women. Why? NOT ONE WHITE WOMAN has ever TRIED to make her hair kinky. Why?

    The phrase “cultural appropriation” doesn’t begin to answer that question. I’d like you to try.

    You’ve got your finger on something here, MyrtleView. Feel the pulse. Make your claim.


  2. MV, we can ignore this post from now on. The next time you revise your Hypothesis, or offer an alternative, should be inside your White Paper. This post was just to get the process started. Your White Paper has already replaced your original hypothesis, so this is just evidence of how far you’ve already progressed.


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