My Hypothesis- Ugandanknuckles

  1. Music and culture
  2. Music directly effects culture
  3. Music directly effects the popular culture of the decade
  4. Music has a direct effect on the rebellious actions of teens
  5. Popular music often leads to teens and young adults having rebellious or deviant actions
  6. Popular music creates the counterculture

11 thoughts on “My Hypothesis- Ugandanknuckles”

  1. Love the impulse, UgandanKnuckles, but it isn’t a thesis yet.

    First of all, when in history has it NOT been the role of youth to question to premises of the prevailing culture? Answer: never. And since it’s the province of youth to “counter” the “culture,” music can’t be responsible for the attitude of youth. It might be the other way around. Musicians who want to sell “records” to young listeners who make up the bulk of the music market craft messages they know will resonate with buyers who will purchase whatever reflects how they’re feeling.

    Conclusion: music is a reflection of the counterculture; music is merchandise geared to the taste of the counterculture; music follows the scene; it doesn’t create the scene.

    You say “music leads teens to deviant actions.” I accept the premise. How do you refute the contrary assertion: “Musicians who don’t judge or condemn deviant actions find acceptance with a deviant segment of youth who reward them with commercial success.”?

    In other words: can your thesis be proved?


    1. Thank you for the feedback, I think I need some help finding a good topic. I would choose just any topic to write about from a counterintuitive perspective, but I write best when it’s something I actually care about. I’m very interested in music, theater, and the arts, and I have some ideas written down for what I could write about. I remember there being a document that had times to sign up to have a meeting with you, but I don’t know where to find it. Could you link it to me?


  2. UK, we can ignore this post from now on. The next time you revise your Hypothesis, or offer an alternative, should be inside your White Paper. This post was just to get the process started. Your White Paper has already supplanted it, and is progressing nicely.


    1. Okay! Thank you. If you have the chance, could you give me some feedback on how wrote my white paper (if that makes sense)?


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