Annotated Bibliography-Jonhjelly

1.Swain, Frank. “Future – Why I want a microchip implant.” BBC, BBC, 10 Feb. 2014,

Background: This article provides a strong argument on a positive outlook on why having a microchip  implanted will be help towards human society. The author talks about how they tried to embedded a microchip from a train card into their body so that they can gain access with a wave of a hand and no card. Also he talks about if we can eventually have a microchip that is truly universal that was embedded in our bodies then it would be very help because we could have access to so much of the digital world. For example we can purchase things for the store with a wave of hand or withdraw money from the ATM without putting in a pin number. Simple things such as this will be extremely easier and safer. The author claims that having a micro chip embedded in our bodies will come more in handy for certain things.

How to use it: By this author listing the positive of having a identity chip within our bodies will help me provide better arguments for my research paper.

2.Post, G. (2017). Should people agree to the use of identity chips?. [online] Startup Dope. Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2017].

Background:This article provides a list of pros and cons of having a Identity chip embedded into our skin. A radio-frequency identification microchip that could used to identify your body. A pro is that it will be good for traveling because it will be able to pinpoint our exact location. A con will be security reasons such as, if microchips exist then microchips readers will also exists as well. If a person has a microchip then they will be able to see your identity with out you having  a say in the matter. This author claims that having a microchip can be dangerous as much as it is useful because of the lack of privacy due to the microchip readers.

How to use it: By this author stating pros and cons it gives me more information on mu topic also it gives me more information on the cons on this topic.

3.Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2017].

Background: This article provides information on clubbers in Spain choosing to have a RFID chip implanted instead of a regular membership card because this way they will be able to skip lines and gain entry into the club. The article also talks about how this clubs states the benefits of having this chip is that it will be safer for people because they will not have to bring a wallet because they won’t need it. They have an in-house credit that will be linked to the micro chip. This way people leaving the club will be safer from robbery. This author claims that having a microchip is very beneficial for clubbing and makes it more fun and more safe.

How to use it: By this article giving a positive example of how the microchips could be a great impact on society it gives me more information to write a better argument for the positives of having a microchip.

4.Images, A. (2017). Would you let your boss microchip you?. [online] [Accessed 28 Nov. 2017].

Background: This article talks about a company named Three Squared Market is inserting micro chips into their employees hand right in-between the pointer and index finger. The article is about employees talking about how it is such great device and how it allows them to get into their office, log into their computers, and buy lunch with just a wave of their hand. The claim this author is making is that having a microchip is a plus in the eyes of these employees because it makes the a simple task even easier.

How to use it: By this article giving a insight into a company where they allow their works to have this micro chip, and have them talk about how great it is. It gives my more information to use in my research paper.

5.euronews. (2017). RFID chips: a key to more or less freedom?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2017].

Background: This article provides another positive outlook on the micro chip. In this article the author talks about how it will be easier to unlock doors and how losing keys will never be an issue. The author of the article is a fan of the new technology and also gives useful information on the subject. The claim he makes it that having this microchip will make finding your lose car keys extremely easier to find, also he claims having this chip in general will make life easier.

How to use it: By this article talking about the positives of this device it gives me more useful information on the positives of have this microchip embedded in our skin.

6.“Human-Implantable RFID chips: Some ethical and privacy concerns.” Healthcare IT News, 27 Dec. 2008,

Background: This sources has information about the microchip if it was meant to be a medical bracelet. It would replace the medical bracelets that are currently in use now. It would have all of our medical emergency information. This way it will be safer than if the microchip contained all of our information.

How to use it: I would use this in my paper by giving examples of how the microchip could be used safer if it was used as a medical bracelet instead of a having all of your bank and personal information. (2017). Cite a Website – Cite This For Me. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2017].

Background: This article was giving information about the RFID chips  also known as the microchip that would be embedded into our skins. Based off the information that was provided in this article it is stated that the RFID chip will monitoring the employees of the company. And it also gives the other specs of the RFID chip.

How is it used:  The information the was gather from this article I can use in my essay by displaying how the micro chip is used in other areas other than shopping and looking for deals.

8 Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: . [Accessed 28 Nov. 2017].

Background: This article is about how the RFID chip will increase employee productivity in the work area.

How is it used:  This information is used making my argument stronger how the microchip and how it is incorporated in the workplace and how it increases the productivity of the employee.

9.“How RFID Works.” HowStuffWorks, 5 Nov. 2007,

Background: This article gives me information about how the RFID chip works and gives the benefits of how the microchip  and what they are used for.

How it is used: I can used this article and incorporate it into my article and it can be used in my argument by going into detail about how th RFID is used to track employees.

10. (2017). RFID frequency ranges. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2017].

Background: This article gives information about the Ranges of the RFID chip and talks about how far you use be to pick up the information that would be on the chip.

How it is used: I can use this article by incorporating it the section of my essay when I’m talking bout the  safety of the people who have these microchips in there bodies.

11.Fox, M. (2017, July 24). Installing microchips in employees is ‘the right thing to do,’ CEO says. Retrieved December 05, 2017, from

Background: This articles talks about a company that use been using the microchip in its work place. They have allowed their works to have it installed for free.

How its used: I will use this information to help my argument strong by giving examples of how its is used in this office. 

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