Rebuttal Argument- Myrtle View

As said previously, black people lose their ‘blackness’ when black fashion is worn by someone more socially acceptable. Contrary to this belief, black people cannot lose their blackness because there are many other factors that make them black. In addition, the cycle of black fashion trends is more beneficial to black people as well as the world.               When someone more socially acceptable wear trends that are from black fashion it is not cultural appropriation it is cultural appreciation. When people style their hair in dreadlocks or wear earrings with their name on them it is to show that people who are not black can show how much they like the culture. White people capitalize on black fashion because they understand that black people are not appealing towards society, so it becomes their responsibility. When different people come together and wear black fashion they are essentially expanding and spreading black culture.   Black fashion is worn by everyone so by default black culture becomes a natural trendsetter. As soon as society begins to wear the hairstyles and clothing of black people they immediately know it is time to find something else to standout. This pattern is the reason why most trends are born, why some trends go out of style, and why some become revamped. As a result of this phenomena, black people influence the world only by the way they look. If anything, this should be seen as a privilege to black people since not many cultures can say the same. Black fashion has not always been a source of happiness for the black community. In many ways black fashion can hold black people back since it reinforces that black people are “dirty and poor criminals with no intelligence” just by attire. However, this way of thinking is curbed when everyone starts to dress in mainstream black fashion trends. Know people are targeted equally since they are all dressed the same. This also allows for black people to be discreet since society dresses like them and it is harder to be noticed if everyone is following the same trends.

6 thoughts on “Rebuttal Argument- Myrtle View”

  1. Myrtle, this is brilliant stuff, but you haven’t found source to argue with. You’re offering up arguments against your own, which fulfills NOT ONE of the requirements for a successful Rebuttal Essay.
    1. Find THE MOST CREDIBLE SOURCE that takes a position contrary to your own.
    2. Present THAT AUTHOR’S POSITION in the best light possible.
    3. Then REDUCE THAT OPPOSING VIEW TO DUST with the brilliance of your own rebuttal.

    You’ve adopted the posture of someone who disagrees with you. I get that. You do it beautifully. But YOU don’t qualify as a Rebuttal source. Readers who care about your topic will not be persuaded to see you argue down your own version of a rebuttal point of view.

    Find an opponent. I will help you if you ask.


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