Visual Rewrite- Doublea

:01-:02- The video starts off with a well dressed male that looks in his late twenties. He is dressed very nice because it seems as if he is going to work. We can assume this because it is early in the morning and he is wearing a suit and a tie. He is eating what looks to be some kind of nuts but, this seems to not be the point of the video. The video pans out to show a nice kitchen that is very nicely decorated. It shows a woman sitting at the counter drinking orange juice and reading the newspaper but, she also seems to be irrelevant in this video up to this point. The director seems to have the well dressed male in the center of the frame so that all the attention can be directed to him. Also, the female that we can assume to be his wife is wearing just regardless clothes which also makes the male stand out.

:03-:04- Now that all of our attention is on the well dressed male we now have the focus that the director wants us to have. The video shows the male reach for the sink with a plate in his hand. We can assume that he may be washing the dishes and indeed he does. This now shows that he is a respectful man for washing the dishes so he doesn’t leave the burden on his wife to wash them. This is when the video moves to the wife and now we see her face. She gives the camera a big huge smile and seems appreciative. Now we have two characters will the rest of the video be about her or him. We can assume it is about him because in my guess at this point it is a video about going out of your way to help out others.

:05-:06- Another example to prove my hypothesis is the next two seconds maybe. We now pan out to outside his house and we see the neighbor’s yard. From a distance we see him going to his car and about to get in when he realizes his neighbor may need help. During this we see his neighbor who appears to be an elderly man fiddling with his sprinkler system or hose. You cannot really tell what he is fiddling with but water appears to come out. The well dressed man as he approaches his car waves to his neighbor and it looks like maybe they will engage each other in the future. The director chooses an elderly man maybe so that it shows that you should help others in need but, we still do not the purpose of the video so we can just make an assumption as to why there is an elderly man as the neighbor.

:07-:08- The assumption of the men engaging is correct as the next seconds prove. The video pans to a hedge that was in between the two mens houses. It appears as if the well dressed man is watering the hedges for the elderly neighbor. The elderly man in the background is smiling and looks pleased. The well dressed man could just be kind and helping out the elderly man or once again the video is just an ad to get people to help people in need. The elderly man is shown smiling so that he can show his appreciation for the man watering the hedges. So far we have seen nothing but nice gestures from the well dressed man so what can we expect in the rest of the video?

:09-:13- The video now changes scenes as we see a coffee maker. The coffee maker looks like the coffee was just freshly steamed as we see steam coming out the top. We can assume that the coffee is done when we see a hand reach for the handle of the coffee maker. We can assume that someone is pouring coffee for themselves. Will it be the male from the beginning of the video? Yes, it is but this time the video pans out and we see what looks to be an office break room. In the frame we see 3 people and the male. The fourth person to the right is irrelevant in the video but we can assume he has coffee as well because he already has a coffee cup next to him. The video is more focused on the male and his two what we could call coworkers. The one coworker to the right is sipping her coffee already and smiling as the male pours coffee to the coworker on the left. The male to the left gives a huge thumbs up and smiles. we can now assume that both individuals enjoyed the coffee. This shows another good gesture committed by the male. What could happen next?

:14-:15- The video now shows the male in a super market. The line seems to be very long as there is multiple people behind him. He appears to be next in line but, there is just one older gentleman behind him in line with just looks like to be a singular pineapple. The male gestures to the older male that he may get in front of him in line. We can now just assume that he is a great guy and that he is just full of good deeds. The older man seems very thankful and appreciative as he looks to get in front of him in line. It just seems like another tactic by the director to show how nice the gentleman is and how good deeds can go a long way.

:16-:18- The video now goes to a view of the male in his car driving. He seems to be very glued to the road but then you see him look down at the passenger seat. What is next to him? Well it is nothing more than a cell phone. On the cell phone we see that he has one message and we see his hand grab the phone. We can now assume maybe that he is going to text that person back while he is driving which would be his first act of doing something bad. In fact, he does reach for the phone and we see him looking at the phone and smiling as if the message he received was funny. So now we see that he is more attached to his phone because he stopped to look at it while he was driving. The director may have thrown this in here to get the viewers distracted from the male that did all the good deeds and change our perspective on him.

:19-:21- Now that we know for a fact that the male is on his phone the video pans to an upper angle and shows the males car. The car comes to a slightly abrupt stop. We can make the assumption that maybe he is not driving cautiously and that is because he is on his cell phone. The other does this because maybe the video is during the wrong way. It is showing all the good things but now showing all his flaws. The video now shows the car as it comes to a stop. The car is stopped next to another car and we see the driver of the other car. The guy in the other car is watching as the well dressed man is rolling up to a stop at the light. We get a quick glance at the man on his phone still and then it shows the other car again and the guy in the car has a mad look on his face like “really man you are on your phone right now as you are driving”. The director now seems to throw a whole curveball into this video but now we can assume that the video is going towards a moral of get off your phone while drivig=ng due to how mad and disappointed the other driver looked.

:22-:24- The video now goes back to the face of the well dressed driver. He is looking at the other driver for a quick second with his phone blatantly in front of his face. When he realizes that the other driver has a disgusted face he immediately loses eye contact looks down and then looks the other way. This shows that maybe he is embarrassed but just one person is not enough to get him to get off his phone. With the phone still blatantly in front of his face as he looks the other way we see an older black woman sitting on a bench. It does not look like a bus stop but it definitely could be. The woman does not look poorly dressed so we can assume either she is just sitting on a regular bench or waiting for the bus. The point is though is that the lady is quick to realize that he is on his phone while driving and her face immeadielty drops and gets filled with disgust. her face looks even more disgusted than the other guys. The director is doing this now that we can see two people’s perspectives about the phone issue and that we now know that people get very disgusted when they see other people on the road with their cell phones out.

:25-:30- Now that we know the lady seems very disgusted at the well dressed man driving he immediately puts his phone down and has a completely embarrassed look on his face. he almost feels sad and upset that he had his phone out now. The ad now seems to be an ad about texting and driving for sure. For the next couple of seconds the video shows the two people just looking back at each other and she seems to get even more mad as he seem to get even more embarrassed. Now at the bottom of the screen it shows words from the ad council saying stop texting and driving. The words stay there for the remainder of the video as the driver just sinks deeper down in embarrassment in his seat. The director does this so now people know not to be on their cell phones while driving. As the driver get embarrassed it shows that you should be embarrassed to have your phone out while driving it is a hazard and people will get furious and ticked off when they see you on your phone while driving.


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