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India: The Next Superpower?

India is the biggest successful democracy in the world and has a strong political system. It has made tremendous growth in the sectors such as: Information Technology, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Education, healthcare etc. However, if India wants to be a Superpower it will have to eliminate the problems such as corruption, Inflation, population explosion, illiteracy etc and start contributing more towards science, research and innovation, encouraging small business and keeping peace with its neighboring nations.

Corruption in India is severe. As per the World Corruption Audit conducted in 2015, India ranked 65th out of the 150 democratic nations. Almost every person in India has been asked to pay the bribe at-least once in their lifetime. According to the Indian Corruption Study 2005, “Common citizens of the country pay a bribe of Rs. 21,068 crores while availing one or more of the eleven public services in a year.” Lack of transparency in the public sector, poor tax regulation and licensing policies can be considered the root causes of corruption in India. Bribing a public servant to get the work done quickly has been a common ritual there and Indians have somewhat gotten used to it. However, an Anti-corruption campaign led by Anna Hazare in 2011 has been an eyeopener for both the government and the citizens. Ten’s of thousands of citizens joined the movement forcing the government to pass a new Anti-Corruption bill (Lokpal Bill) in the Parliament. In 2015, to fight against corruption; The Prime Minister of India took a drastic step and announced the demonetization of the rupee to control tax invasion and eradicate black money from the country. Such movements is a proof that if the people and the government of the nation unite and work together, they can eradicate the problems. Some effort made in the present can help India to be the superpower in the future.

Growing population has been the biggest hindrance in country’s growth and India is the second most populous country in the world after china. To be a superpower, the nation should be able to manage its man power and resources and distribute them evenly. But, because of the enormous population, it has been tough for India to maintain the balance. However, due to various population control campaigns and increase in the number of educated people, a slight decline in the growth rate  has been observed. Rema Nagrajan in her article, “The Myth of India’s population explosion,” stated “India’s total fertility rate — a measure of the number of children born to a woman during her lifetime — was down from 5.9 in 1951 to 2.3 in 2011.” If India successes in stabilizing its population then it has good chances of being the superpower.

To sum up, Corruption and Population explosion can be a big problem for any country. But despite of that if a country is able to make constant progress and at such a fast pace then it really has immense potential to be the Superpower.

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