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Proposal- I am trying to build the information to prove my hypothesis of Adderall being the same thing as methamphetamine. my research so far gives me examples of how it is, but I need more explaining why it is. I am trying to find the line of discussion. either I can talk about how it has meth like qualities, or I can talk about how it shoud not be prescribed in the first place.

Hypothesis-   Adderall should be viewed as a dangerous prescription

  1. Methamphetamine vs. Adderall | Science Says They’re Almost Identical


What Is the source?: this source is an article both describing what adderal is, and also in less depth describes what meth is. also giving practical examples of how Adderall is used, and how meth is used.

What will this source do?: this source explains how both of these drugs have very similar chemical makeups. only meth has a ” have more of something called methyl, which is important in this discussion because it lets the drug cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly. This leads to a more powerful effect.” showing that the only thing separating, and clarifying both to be different is one molecule that makes the effect instantaneous

2.  Adderall VS Crystal Methamphetamine – is meth really the more dangerous and addictive drug?

What is this source?: this source is a youtube video of a former meth addict explaining the differences in Adderall and in meth. this is a youtuber named Cg Kid, who makes videos on drug awareness, and addiction. having taken both drugs, and researching about the drugs, Cg has an extensive knowledge on the topic.

What will it prove?: the account of someone describing their view of the two drugs. explaining how Adderall is just a smaller dose of the same effect in a pill. describes the different ways of taking both drugs and how they work how they do. also saying one pipe/smoke/hit of methamphetamine will give you the same effect of taking 8 Adderall. saying how people are only addicted to meth because its cheapness, and instant results.

3. The Similarities of Adderall & Amphetamines


Meth-or-Adderallwhat is this source?: a picture of both chemical makeups of Adderall and meth

What does it prove?: that the chemical makeups of adderall and meth are almost identical… the article this picture is from also describes how we feel about meth because of the anti drug campaign.

4. Meth & Adderall are the same drug & other drug facts

What is this source?: youtube video interviewing Carl Hart talk about drugs and drug hysteria. Carl is a professor of neuroscience and psychology at Columbia University. Hart is known for his research in drug abuse and drug addiction .

What does it prove?: carl describes that Adderall and meth are virtually the same drug, and describes meth as the “new crack”

also describes the same issue in this video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOCsIyIGNls  explains how they produce the same effects.

5. The Surprising History Of Adderall


What is this source?: article describing the history of amphetamine, then going in to history of Adderall

What does it prove?: proves the first origins of the uses of methamphetamines. one being the on the Nazis for extremely long marches.

6. Is Adderall Safe? | Safe for Adults and Children?


website article by the recovery village, which specializes in addiction awareness/education

this source describes Adderall’s effect in kids, and adults. also talks about how much of it is safe, and if its safe in general.

“It’s not meant to be a long-term treatment because symptoms of ADHD often get better in children as they get older.”

also says how for adults there are options to help reduce symptoms of ADHD, such as therapy.

“When someone takes a stimulant drug like Adderall, it changes their brain chemistry, and it also impacts their motivation and reward pathways. This changes how people feel emotions and pleasure, and if Adderall is taken over the long-term, these changes and this brain rewiring can become permanent.”

using these quotes will help me describe how getting people hooked to Adderall, and reliant on using Adderall because its something they have been programmed to keep doing will effect them in the long term

7. The real effects of Adderall: a personal testimony


Publication: The Washburn Review, Washburn University, Topeka KS.

this article gives a first person experience on what Adderall did for her. it talks about her addiction, and why she was addicted. also how she knew she did not have ADHD.

”Evans compared taking Adderall to “being superwoman.” She could get all of her homework done, write papers longer than the required length, clean her house until it was spotless and still pick up extra hours at work. No one knew she was staying up three days in a row to get all of her work done.”

”As time went on, Evans started accomplishing less at school and work and shifted her main focus to finding more pills. This disrupted both her studies and home life.”

this article gives a look at the terrible addiction path someone can go down. being addicted changes everything a person does in their lives by making their lives revolve around their addiction. talks about how she was taking more than 10 times the highest prescribed dosage of amphetamines per day

8. ADHD drugs are as dangerous as street meth – and Americans are getting hooked
Alexander Zaitchik


”new-gen daily regimen speeds”

article describing how more and more people are starting to get addicted to medications like vyvans, and Adderall. describes his first times using speed and how he and all the people around him used it. also saying how these medication drugs have turned away from their use to treat adhd, but rather to help people in classrooms, party longer and harder, and all of the uses that makes it seem like a street drug.

”During our recent industry-guided speed renaissance, “speed” has been turned into “meds”, reflecting the idea that amphetamine for most people remains some kind of safe treatment or routine performance-booster, rather than a highly addictive drug with some nasty talons in its tail.”


in this youtube video, Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus describes the connotation an illness or disease has now. He believes that any disease cannot be not based on behavior, its something in the body that malfunctions. the stigma and connotation ADHD has around it is socially constructed. by diagnosing a child with ADHD and classifying it as a disease, or disorder stigmatizes a child, and puts them in a category that they should not be in. children are precious, and should not be exposed to prescription drugs. parents should not think that their kid has an ilnesss based on behavior, and should not jump to try to treat it.

10. Psychiatrists Are Drug-pushers


this article explains how easy it is to get a prescription, and the many ways why it is so easy. the diagnosis and prescription of medicine is what people see psychologists for nowadays.  psychiatrists no longer engage in talk therapy anywhere near how they used to. instead, they prescribe medication to alternte behavior. the pills become what keeps the person going throught her day as if it was a normal day, just drug induced. gives the example of A psychiatrist can earn $150 for three 15-minute medication visits compared with $90 for a 45-minute talk therapy session to show why a psych might just resort to a prescription, and getting paid for it. a dentist doesn’t make his money by having a patient with healthy teeth.

“You have to have a diagnosis to get paid,” he said with a shrug. “I play the game.”

“I don’t need a half-hour or an hour to talk,” said a stone mason who has panic attacks and depression and is prescribed an antidepressant. “Just give me some medication, and that’s it. I’m O.K.”


One thought on “White Paper 2—dudeintheback”

  1. In the movie “Garden State,” currently airing on FIOS, Zach Braff’s (as Andrew Largeman), who’s been taking lithium since he was ten, plus several anti-depressants, says to his doctor: “It’s recently occurred to me I might not even have a problem. Only, I’d never know it because as far back as I can remember, I’ve been medicated.”

    Thought you might find that relevant. 🙂


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