Hypothesis 2nd Draft—pATricKStar

College students are at a high risk for mental health issues in the U.S

  1. They are prone to depression/ anxiety (social)
  2. The lack of sleep and workload adds to the vulnerability of this issue
  3. Many College student don’t even know the sign of the mental health and just think it’s simple stress.
  4. The negative effects of this can cause an abuse of drugs/ alcohol and even further neglect to their health
  5. Without help these students can have their conditions worsen and build life threatening habit for the future
  6. In college this is when kids are most vulnerable to their conditions because this is where they are on their own, living and preparing for the future, and trying to be independent young adults.

2 thoughts on “Hypothesis 2nd Draft—pATricKStar”

  1. These are questions, Patrick, not hypotheses.
    An acceptable hypothesis based on this VERY GENERAL set of statements would be something arguable, quantifiable, researchable, verifiable, and original, such as:

    The generation of students currently entering college in the US have been raised to be overly dependent on others (doting parents, solicitous counselors and professionals, medication to smooth over mild traumas). They are unprepared for their first experience of independence and, having no coping skills, succumb to crippling anxiety.

    Even that specific bold declarative statement of an author’s position is just a way to begin the research process, but at least it provides a direction. It does not have to be true. It may turn out to be entirely unfair to a generation of charming young people. But it’s clear, and it’s narrow, and it’s stated as a position that can be argued.

    Is that helpful?
    Respond, please. Thanks!


  2. Following our conference, I’ll be expecting development of this hypothesis to show up in your White Paper, PS.

    So far, you haven’t posted one, which is now overdue. Don’t panic, please, but also don’t delay. Next week you’ll be facing a deadline for the first of your short arguments on this broad topic. While every Portfolio argument can be revised after posting, you’ll start to feel the pressure to make big decisions about your thesis once the short argument phase begins. This is a process that works best when you build on good work throughout the semester; it does not reward waiting until the end of the course to make up for lost time.


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