My hypothesis- jdormann

Rugby vs Fotball injuries

Concussions in rugby and football

A comparison of brain and spinal injuries in rugby and American football

Playing contact sports can be dangerous, but when rugby and football come to mind, people cringe at the brain and spinal injuries the players often suffer.

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5 Responses to My hypothesis- jdormann

  1. davidbdale says:

    Do you have insights to offer in the conversation about concussions? The best evidence of whether playing a gridiron contact sport without helmets results in more or fewer concussions would come from rugby.


  2. davidbdale says:

    This assignment is now hopelessly late. Give me SOMETHING we can work with before class tomorrow, please.


  3. davidbdale says:

    From now on, we can ignore this post, JD. Its purpose was to get the ball rolling. Any further revisions or enhancements to your Hypothesis can be accomplished inside your White Paper, which is already showing considerable progress. Keep up the good work.

    I do regret that you didn’t respond to my comments here, but that small disappointment is now moot. We can have as much or as little interaction as you wish here on the blog, and I will take my cue from your response or lack of response.


    • jdormann says:

      I would appreciate comments on assignments that need improvement. Thank you.


      • davidbdale says:

        You can initiate that process any time by adding your post to the Feedback Please category. Either select that category when you first publish, or re-open your post in Edit and add the category at any time. That way I’ll know for sure that you’re seeking feedback. You go to the front of the line.


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