My Hypothesis – bugsbunny

1 ) Pregnancy
2 ) Teen pregnancy in America
3 ) Statistics of successfully college-graduated teen moms
4 ) Financial obligations associated with teen pregnancy and college simultaneously
5 ) Family dynamics and dependency of teen moms
6 ) How to create more positive paths for teen moms to still become academically accomplished

2 thoughts on “My Hypothesis – bugsbunny”

  1. Good to see this, Bugs. I’ve added your username to the Categories sub-menu below Authors SP18. You’ll find it there from now on. Meanwhile, I updated this post by putting it into the BugsBunny category.

    This is a strong first draft, Bugs.
    I’m a little worried that it will be easy to rely on popular sources and anecdotes, like this one: ,
    at the expense of academic research. Be wary of that. And be ready to change your perspective as you proceed with your research.

    The point of scouring the world for sources on your hypothesis is NOT to find support for an argument you wish to prove; it’s to find EVIDENCE for whatever turns out to be true. If you change your mind during the semester (because of enlightenment), you WIN.

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  2. Quickly falling behind here, BB. We need to be in much better communication if you’re going to maintain your special status. I need evidence after every class that you’re putting in the work and making progress. So far, you’re putting yourself at risk. I’m still on your side, but AT YOUR SIDE. I can’t pull you along, and I don’t like to push. But we can be strong collaborators. Show me you’re in this project with me.


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