My Hypothesis—DoubleA

  1. Global Warming
  2. The recent weather tragedies and climate change
  3. Is global warming really causing these recent tragedies
  4. Due to the fluctuating high and low temperatures and recent natural disasters is global warming the cause
  5. In recent years, is global warming to blame for these worldly natural disasters and the high and low temperatures they bring with it.

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis—DoubleA”

  1. A good start, DoubleA.

    4 and 5 are identical, and you haven’t gotten to 6 yet.

    I have hope that through research you will find a thesis to prove that hasn’t already been pretty firmly established. Overwhelmingly, scientists are convinced that the globe is experiencing unprecedented warming, that the warming is the result of human activity, and that the dramatic intensifying of weather patterns is directly attributable to the overall rising of the earth’s ambient temperature.

    There’s nothing left for you to do on that general theme.

    But you could find a thesis in one small aspect of the global warming phenomenon. And I encourage you to do so if the topic interests you.
    1. Are you interested in the loss of low-lying coastal areas? The submerging of islands?
    2. Do you wonder what crops might survive or even thrive in a rapidly warming environment?
    3. Do you think there’s any way to hasten the transition to solar or wind power that has a chance to slow the momentum of rising temperatures?
    4. Have we already passed the “tipping point” at which the earth becomes a greenhouse that can never stop heating?
    5. Can you suggest a fuel that actually cools the planet?

    You may not be able to clearly define a narrow thesis that will survive ten weeks of research just now, DoubleA, but I urge you to find one worth examining that will give you a chance to discover something surprising.


  2. Your classmates have moved on from this post to their White Papers, AA. The method is to hash out your theory by gathering sources that help you argue SOMETHING, however vague, and to refine your changing hypothesis as you go until you settle on a thesis you can prove. Very soon you’ll be posting your first short argument based on the materials you’ve gathered into your White Paper. Don’t panic, but do push ahead past this first hurdle. Once you get up some steam, the process will progress naturally.


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