Hypothesis 1st Draft—pATricKStar

The comingling of drugs and stress on a college campus

1. With college being stressful alone many students turn to negative ways of coping.

2. Finals week there in a huge amount of abuse of drugs.

3. What are the reasons and how does the brain create a need/want to satisfy this sort of anxiousness.

4. Does media/ society play a role in making people conform.

5 thoughts on “Hypothesis 1st Draft—pATricKStar”

  1. Fascinating topic here, PatrickStar.

    —Drugs and Stress at college at Finals Week.
    —You make the judgment that “use of drugs” to achieve a single purpose at a particular time is “abuse of drugs.”

    Why? If it’s successful, couldn’t the use of drugs to achieve a specific purpose be described as “the altogether appropriate use of drugs”?

    And why do you ask if “the brain creates a need”?
    And why do you wonder if “the media” are maneuvering compliance?

    The answers to your questions seem obvious:
    1. Fear of failure makes students anxious.
    2. The desire to avoid failure prompts a search for “an edge.”
    3. Media influence is irrelevant.
    4. The desire to succeed (avoid failure) is sufficient incentive.

    The remaining question is whether drugs provide an actual benefit.
    And, if they do, how is using them abuse?

    What’s your answer?


  2. i believe i need to change my hypothesis since you believe that it is simple enough and straight forward instead of asking whether it is abuse which it is because any misuse of drugs to cope with situations or find an escape is abuse. i wanted to get further insight to what happens to turn simple stuff as normal use to an addiction, a need for the use.


  3. I ask questions not to dispute your thinking, but to keep you investigating and refining your hypothesis, Patrick. The process can take weeks, and I’ll ask probing questions at every stage if you’ll permit me to. Think of me as the reader you’ll eventually have to persuade of the truth of your argument. Knowing what my questions/objections are in advance helps you prepare to undermine my rebuttals while you’re still preparing your case.

    Is that OK?
    Reply, please.


  4. Yes that’s is fine but I need to have a hypothesis to be able to move foward and the way it’s set up if I don’t have one I can’t continue to white pages I cannot continue to othe assignments and although grades are something you care about I really do. Grades are what keep me here.


    1. What you say is not quite true, PS. While the clock keeps ticking past the time when a Hypothesis was due, the purpose of assigning it early was not to put you behind or thwart your progress, it was to get the ball rolling. You identified a topic. It wasn’t well-defined or as sharp as it would need to be to support an academic argument, but it was SOMETHING meaningful that should have prompted you to begin to explore source material.

      The process is not complex. It’s cumulative and flexible. You begin with a vague notion. Instead of wasting your time “brainstorming” about your notion, you start to read in your area of interest. AS YOU GATHER AND INVESTIGATE SOURCES, your vague notion begins to crystallize. You start to have ideas, find angles, develop theories, encounter surprising details you can’t wait to share!

      You gather the best of those sources into your White Paper and cluster them around WHATEVER HAPPENS TO BE YOUR BEST WORKING HYPOTHESIS.

      As the semester continues, you do more research, abandon early ideas, refine your thinking, place new sources into conversation with old sources, and DEVELOP A THESIS YOU CAN PROVE.

      AT NO POINT IN THE PROCESS is there a place where you can get stuck thinking, “I have to solve this problem before I can continue.” Moving forward is the solution.


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