Africa should screen Americans for measles

It seems counterintuitive that many people believe it is the poor affecting the main populations when it comes to viruses and diseases being spread. In fact, it is not those who cannot afford to have the resources of vaccination but those who are opposed to the subject.

To come to the United States immigrants have to present paperwork such as a visa as well as their medical records which hold vaccination reports. If these travelers do not provide any records then they must get vaccinated before coming into the country. with many resources such as free flu vaccines at pharmacies such as Walgreen the question is why is this still an issue. The problem is our rights as shocking as that sounds. To further explain because as citizens we have a right to refuse to vaccinate ourselves we are the ones creating the risk.

In colleges know they are making it mandatory to obtain vaccinations if you would like to live on campus without it you will be refused housing. so the question is raised why don’t people want to get vaccinated? Well for most they believe it is unsafe and holds a large amount of other toxins. the truth is infants as well as adults run a great risk and these vaccines are mostly made up of water with antigens. although the side affects are there and there is an eighty five to ninety five percent chance it works it is worth it. we should all get vaccinated to stop the risk of infecting others and having to spend a large sum of money to get cured.

Is This Photo Ethical?

It seems counterintuitive that taking photos of disasters happening may be ethical. The fact of the matter is that that in today society money holds a great power of morality. Many people make it their jobs to take pictures and videos for news companies sch as Fox and ABC. at a certain point where is the line crossed of what right and what is wrong.

Is having a crowd of photographers taking a pictures of a young, 15 year old Haitian girl as she takes her last breath acceptable; just to display a story for the evening news. In my opinion Yes it is unethical. this girl was shot on accident by police officials now everyone has to see her lifeless corpse. At a certain point a story can raise awareness without having all the gruesome effects of seeing this tragedies through media. think about how the family would feel seeing her photos posted everywhere. having to be reminding of that specific day and be able to see in.

The reasons I find it disrespectful is most of these news photographers are not in it for the story but for the money. They travel to different countries getting thousands of photos each week for profit. The sad part is none of the families of the victims will ever see a dollar. what is even worst is most people wont find it a memorable story without this explicit media.

Elephant abuse

it is counterinutive to think that a famous circus of  performers and is said to be one of the greatest shows on earth meant for families does not treat each one of their own as family. the Ringling Bros have been one of the most popular circus’ around. they attracted thousands with acrobats, clowns,and exotic animals. what made them special was their theme of family.

Elephants are one of the most largest and friendliest mammals. they are quite intelligent animals and have served in many circus acts. animal abuse with circus’ have been going on for a long time. overtime these circus’ started to fall once word got out. In today’s society they’re rare. What was found was worst these so called family acts trained such lovable friendly creatures by instilling them with fear and punishment. They used whips, electric shocks and even bullhooks to ensure their commands were met.

Kenny was an a Elephant at the Ringling bros circus he died like many after being ignored treatment by his owners. Kenny deserved justice like many elephants. He deserved to have someone speak for him. He deserved to be free. No animal should have to pay with their lives just because of profit. Its up to us to make a change and not allow for these atrocities to happen.

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