1. The Power of the Placebo Effect

It seems counterintuitive that a fake treatment can be more effective than a treatment with active ingredients. Though placebos are mostly used in pharmaceutical studies, they can also be used to determine the relationship between mind and body.

A big part of the placebo effect working is that the person giving you the treatment looks professional and reliable, i.e. wearing a white lab coat. If somebody on the street gave you a placebo pill, telling you it was an actual pill that would have a certain effect on your body, it may not work due to skepticism.

Not many people realize that the mind and body are connected and work together, or many people forget. The placebo effect proves it to be true because though there are no active ingredients and it still shows positive results.

2. The Placebo Phenomenon

It seems counterintuitive that you can take a placebo and feel the effects and still not be able to cure the disease/disorder at hand. There is no real explanation why this happens.

There needs to be more information and research put into the placebo effect. It is not developed enough to be used in clinical practice. Once placebos progress enough to be utilized, treatments will be a lot safer. Overprescribing of medicines will be eradicated as well as the side effects of a normal pill/injection/etc. Costs will be much lower for treatment.

Rather than studying medicine, we can study the mind and how it works along with the body. Once we figure out how to use a placebo effectively, we may have access to treatments outside of health care facilities and professionals.

3.The Debate over the Placebo Effect

It seems counterintuitive that we should take a pill that does not cure our illness. It is not logical to take something that will only temporarily alleviate our symptoms.

Taking a placebo and then finding out that it is a placebo will probably end up in the feeling of betrayal. The person finding out that their medicine is actually inactive can lose trust in the health care system going forward. Also, if the placebo does not work and they continue getting sicker, it can take more active medicine and treatments to get the illness to slow down. This is just the exact opposite of the point of placebos.



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