Summaries- Nreina34

McDonald’s incident: Enough with the hatred of cops

It seems counterintuitive that the ones who dislike and slander the police are the ones who call them the second they are in trouble.  Police officers around the country are being discriminated against for no reason at all, just because they are police officers.  

The media in today’s society has such an influence on its viewers and these news stories are giving people the wrong idea of law enforcement.  It just puzzles me at how some people can hate the only people who are willing to protect you at all costs.  When police officers are being turned away trying to order food it just really confuses me as to how someone can not support people that help you.  I guarantee you if a man with a gun came into that store and tried to rob the place, that employee would have called the police.  

The moral of this summary is that the public is turning against the wrong people.  We owe it to police officers to show them the respect they deserve, not by treating them like the criminals they detain.  By changing the idea everybody has of the police it will benefit all parties, keeping everyone safe and happy.  135 police officers were killed in the line of duty last year, 21 of them being in ambush style attacks.  It’s time we start seeing all the good things the police does for us rather than all the “negative”.  

Viewpoint: College athletes should be paid

It seems counterintuitive that people still think Division 1 college athletes should be paid.  The best athletes from around the world come to the United States to compete in “NCAA Division 1” college sports, the highest rank of collegiate sports.  A common misconception in the sports industry is people feel D1 athletes should be paid but in fact, they shouldn’t and never will be.

The main driving argument is that these athletes generate millions of dollars for the universities they attended, which is true, but some do not see the big picture.  By going to these colleges they are given experiences like no other and helps tremendously with creating a future for these students.  Having the opportunity to play Division 1 sports is the best paycheck anyone should ever receive because it opens up a whole new world for these college kids.  You get the exposure that professional sports need to see you and for most Division 1 athletes, helps them create a future for themselves.  

New Backup Camera Rule: Cameras Will Be Mandatory by 2018

It seems counterintuitive that backup cameras will now be mandatory on all cars but we have gone years without this being a requirement until now. The  movement towards safer roads will continue in 2018 with this new law.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just finalized the regulations of backup cameras after years of perfecting it.  As of the new year, all new cars will be required to have backup cameras to help prevent more “backover accidents”.  Backover accidents are when drivers reverse over the other without noticing; these accidents have about 200 people killed and 14,000 people injured every year.  

A common topic that has everyone thinking is, how much more will these backup cameras cost?  Some people can’t afford a vehicle so by making backup cameras required, there is curiosity as to how much this increase the price in vehicles.  Fortunately for consumers, the new mandated backup cameras will only increase the price of new cars $40-$140.

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