Free Heroin to Battle Addiction:

It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver is battle heroin addiction by giving addicts a supply to free heroin but that is there exact approach. Vancouver is known for many things beautiful cities, snow capped mountains surrounded theses cities and beautiful people. While they are known for these things you also have to realize that it is also a hub for drugs, including heroin due to the fact that it is a port town. Most of these drugs stay in one section of a town referred to as “Downtown Eastside” which is right near tourist sections of Yaletown.

Vancouver has been trying to stem the problem for years they even set up a safe zone where people could come and shoot up under supervision or by a nurse not afraid of being arrested, called Insite. At this center addicts are provided with wipes, clean syringes and other instruments needed they are also providing the worst addicts with the best heroin.

This may not make any sense but the people that are getting heroin tow to three times a day are what doctors prescribe as a treatment for them now. This center has 26 people attending, these are the people that aren’t able to turn to an alternative in a effort to become clean. Thoughts are if you are giving these people a few doses of heroin a day to keep them docile and keep the sort of demons of heroin addiction at bay, the people they are prescribing to are less likely to end up dead in alley with a needle still sticking out of their arm. The harm that they cause to themselves and to society around them is simply reduced if you give them the drug.

This plan of giving heroin addicts a free supply of heroin and a place to do it may seem counter intuitive but it actually seems to be helping these people and the society. One member says that he is able to hold down a job due to this program being open. Also now that these addicts are just given the drug they are less likely to be on the streets selling themselves or stealing. This plan may just actually turn out to be a good one even though you never thought it would be. By allowing these addicts to have such a center where they are able to go and have the drug provided for them keeps them off the streets and lower the risks of deaths.

Why Are Babies Cute?:

It seems counterintuitive that the thought of things being cute, sexy, sweet and funny are backwards but in a way they are according to Darwin. It is a strange inversion we love chocolate cake because it is sweet, guys go for some girls because they think find them to be sexy. Also we adore babies because we find them cute finally we are amused by jokes because they are funny. This is actually all backwards they way we think.

Starting with the cake and it being sweet, our sweet tooth is basically just and evolved sugar detector because sugar is high energy and that’s why we enjoy sugar. Honey is sweet because we like it not because honey is sweet. Sweetness was born with a wiring which evolved. You have to look inside the brain in order to figure out why we enjoy sweetness.

There was anything sexy about the girls in the photo and it’s a good thing thing their isn’t because mother nature would then have a problem. For example how would they get chimps to mate. Chimps don’t hallucinate pictures of females in bikinis they are just wired to like what they see. We evolved in our different ways we lost our hair on our body they did not. Our brains evolved differently to in order to find what we find sexy and what they find sexy.

Our sweet tooth is an evolved instinctual preference for high energy foods and it was not designed for chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is just a supernormal stimuli for our sweet tooth.

It is important that we love/ adore babies and not be put off due to their messy diapers. In order babies have to be able to attract our attention but if babies didn’t look they way they do we would still find them adorable no matter how they looked. That being the strange inversion.

It’s hard to think that things aren’t actually known for being cute, sexy, sweet or funny the only reason we find such things like this is due to how our brains have evolved over the years.

Surviving the Shower:

It seems counterintuitive that showers can be considered a killer but due to the fact that a common cause of death for the elderly is falls, the shower may be a killer in a sense. If a man at the age of seventy five has about fifteen more years to live to reach the average age of a American man, he risks slipping in the shower about 5,475 times. Even though the risk of falling is only about 1 in 1,000 it is still a risk people are afraid to take. With these statics this man could potentially become injured or die five times before reaching his life expectancy.

After working fifty years as a field working in New Guinea he realized the importance of being attentive to the hazards that carry low risk each time but are encountered frequently. He learned this attitude when he was camping and suggested that they pitch their tents under a big beautiful tree, his friends refused due to the fact that the tree could potentially fall on them because it was dead. He thought they were over exaggerating but throughout the following years he realized that every night he camped he heard a tree falling in the forest. He considered that if a trees odds of falling were 1 in 1,000 he could of been dead in a couple years due to sleeping under them.

He adopted the concept of “constructive paranoia” which is a seeming paranoia that actually makes good sense, it often infuriates some of his friends. Americans obsess about the wrong things and fail to watch for real dangers unlike the New Guineans, who have to think clearly about the dangers they encounter. It turns out the Americans exaggerate the risk of events that our beyond their own control that cause deaths at once or that kill in spectacular ways, not thinking about the deaths we can control.

After his studies from both his New Guinea friends and Americans he became really paranoid, step ladders, and staircases. This thinking doesn’t paralyze him he still takes a daily shower and continues to visit New Guinea enjoying all the dangerous things. But not he constantly thinks about the risks and tries to keeps his accidents far below 1 in 1,000 each time.

It’s weird to think about the shower being killer but in a sense it can be due the risk of slips and falls. Not thinking about these causes of death and being naive to such a death can be dangerous.


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