Summaries- jdormann

  1. It seems counterintuitive that a company with the “buy one, give one” slogan would hurt local business. The Tom’s shoe company claims that for every shoe they sell, they give one pair to a person in a developing country in need. Although this idea is great for feel good people and people that desperately need shoes, it negatively effects local markets. The distribution of free shoes challenges local merchants by taking business from them and causing a decline in sales. Overall, the idea of “buy one, give one” is a great idea, but not good in practice.
  2. It seems counterintuitive that taking multi-vitamins could be detrimental to a persons health. The health and supplement industry stress how buying their products will increase health and wellness. In actuality, an excess amount of certain vitamins can increase chances of cancer and disease in the body. Trying to become healthier should not be based on how many supplements you take, but how well your body feels and how everything is functioning properly and as it should. Multi-Vitamins do have their place in the lives of picky-eaters, the elderly, and people with prior health issues that require more of a specific vitamin to remain healthy. There is no reason for healthy individuals that eat a variety of foods to be taking multi-vitamins, and it could even make them less healthy.
  3. It seems counterintuitive that a city would give heroin addicts free heroin. People that are addicted to drugs or other substances can have a very hard time quitting. Vancouver, began implementing a new program that gives their addicts a safe place to get their fix. The city gives addicts clean needles, high quality drugs, and a safe place to do it. It is not an attempt to get the addicts clean from drugs, but to make the addicts and the city safer. The program works as a type of blackmail to try and help the addicts see they really do need to get help, but it is still up to the addict to get help. Programs like this may continue to pop up in the future to help cities with addiction issues and drug related crime.

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