Men Define Rape

It seems counterintuitive that men be allowed to dictate the rape of women. Author Erika Eichelberger published Men Defining Rape: A History an article that shows the progress of rape throughout the actions and beliefs of men during the different years. Going back to the Babylonian empire, the Code of Hammurabi-the laws of Mesopotamia, believed that if a woman was raped when she was a virgin then her rapist would have to pay her father in property damage. As degrading as that sounds married women were treated much harsher when raped since they were thrown into a river for adultery. Rape was better determined in the late 13th century with consent being prohibited to girls under the age of 12. This is the foundation of statutory rape today.  Skip ahead hundreds of years later and rape is only acknowledged if the women were white since by this time slavery has ended. If a woman was of minority you were disregarded. Finally, in the 21st century men still have not learned their ongoing lesson. In 2011, Republicans advocated to limit funding of abortions for rape victims who did not show signs of resistance. Thankfully this plan did not come into effect, however a new term called legitimate rape is on the rise. Legitimate rape means the woman’s body has the ability to ‘shut down’ or stop the effects of being raped.

Happiness Cannot be Pursued; It Must Ensue

It seems counterintuitive that looking for happiness causes people to be less happy. In 2013, The Atlantic publisher Emily Esfahani Smith wrote There’s More to Life Than Being Happy, an article that discusses the differences of having a meaningful life as opposed to a happy life.

To convey the message, she uses the help of holocaust survivor, psychiatrist and neurologist, Viktor Frankl. Frankl questioned what the meaning of life was if people were living to die in the end. In a concentration camp, Frankl discover the circumstances that need to happen to determine his answer through two of his patients. One man had nothing to live for except his child while the other was supposed to live in a foreign country in the future. This single distinction has made all the difference.  Frankl concluded in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, that happiness could only be achieved as a result while a meaningful life is determined by how much one has suffered and the greater the responsibility someone takes on.

Researchers have confirmed Frankl’s theory. Studies suggest that people who have a purpose improves their mental and physical health as well as a high life satisfaction. Unfortunately, those who decide to try finding happiness are more likely to be less happy.  Psychologists were also able to analyze the categories meaningful and happy lives fell into. Meaningful lives were filled with people who are considered ‘givers’ while happy lives were ‘takers’. People with happy lives usually had every desire supplied to them and avoided high-stress situations. People with meaningful lives often had responsibility that came with self-sacrifice as well as dealing with a plethora of stress. At the end of the article it is concluded that one should strive for the meaningful life since it is more rewarding long-term.

Are Multi-Vitamins Dangerous?

It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins are unhealthy. In 2012, Mother Jones publisher Kiera Butler wrote Do Multivitamins Really Work an article discussing the effects multivitamins have on a person’s health. Butler let it be known that this billion-dollar market will say any positive health-related claim to make consumers buy their products. In reality, multivitamins are not the cause for good health in Americans. Those multivitamins that are said to protect customers from the risk of disease and illnesses do not.  Nutritionists believe that most of the vitamins and minerals people receive in the United States are through the foods they eat already. Adding multivitamins into a person’s average lifestyle could increase health risks and take away money that could be used for something more worthwhile. As a result of the negative effects of multivitamins senators want these products to be labeled by the FDA. These products should not be used by everyone because everyone does not need to take them. For this reason, the manufacturers of multivitamins are not happy with this new plan and are fighting against getting the FDA-approved labeling.

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