Visual Rewrite

0:01 : There is a African American family walking on a nice sunny day. All of them have their cell in their hands. The son looks like he is listening to music also from the position his cell phone and his thumbs it look like he is also texting, the daughter looks like she is playing a game by the way her cell phone is in her hands, and both the mother and father are texting as well. It looks like they are walking to the park. In the background it looks like it could be a suburban, the street has cars going in both directions. The ground doesn’t have any garbage on the floor, so it seem to be a very good neighborhood.

0:02 : Now it looks like something has caught the mother attention as she looks up from her cell phone screen. Something must have happened or she had realized that they are approaching there destination  because she took her attention of her phone to gaze upon it. The rest of the family is still on the cell phones and walking.

0:03: As the rest of the family still walking with there heads in there cell phones, the mother looks like she is about to get her husbands attention on the occurring situation.

0:04 : The screen cuts to the Mom phone. The phone appears to have something to do with forest. The daughter is looking back at her mother with a huge smile on her face. So it must be good news.

0:05 : The screen shows the park that they were walking to. The daughter turns her head as if her breath is taken away from the view. The mother looks like she is watching the view as well.

0:06 : The daughter takes off her headphones and takes in the beautiful view of the park. In the background we can see that their are many kids running around in the park. So maybe their are walking to a kid birthday party in the park.

0:07 : In this view the family seems to be looking at the beautiful view of the lake. The Mother and Father hold each other hands as the approach the water.

0:08 : The screen cuts a close up of the daughter squatting  with her arms folded on her knees look upon the water.

0:09: It shows the daughter looking at herself reflection in the water. In the reflection you see tree be hide her.

0:10: So in this fame the daughter makes a silly face with her tongue sticking out. and on the bottom right of the screen the word selfie appears in white letters.

0:11: It is a close up of the moving water with a rock in it.

0:12: Now we see both the son and the daughter on each side of the small creek. They both have sticks in their hands putting the other ends of it in the water.

0:13:  Now the son looks up the the daughter who is still looking down at the water. On the bottom center of the screen the words Streaming appears.

0:14: Now we see the father and daughter gazing hard at something that is breath taking.

0:15: Now the father starts to squat next to his daughter eye level. They are standing side by side and he is pointing to something.

0:16: The screen turns to what they were pointing at. It was a black bird sitting on tree branch.

0:17: The screen stays on the same bird and now it says Tweet as if the bird is speaking.

0:18: Noe we see the son kneeling one the ground, and he appears to be playing around in the dirt with his hands.

0:19: It is a close up of a snell with a a leaf on the right side of the screen in the forrest.

0:20: Its the same picture and the words Search Results appear on the upper middle of the screen.

0:21: It is still a close up on the snell but we see a hand, possible the sons hand picking up the snell shell.

0:22: The daughter,Father,Mother are all in a huddle with the daughter hands out. She is about to receive the shell from the sons hand. They all look like this is a beautiful thing to look at. They are in the forrest.

0:23: Now we see the son twirling the daughter in the park with the Mother watching them. In background we see another family walking by.

0:24: The family seems to be walking from the park as if their are about to leave. The mother has both hands on the daughters arms ad if she is about o take off and start running. Both father and son are just watching them.

0:25: Nothing changes except the word connected appear on the bottom of the screen.

0:26:The family continues to walking from the park. Now the son is looking straight ahead. The mother is looking at the father who is smiling. The daughter is smiling at the ground.

0:27: It shows the family backs as the walk away from the park and on the screen appears Find A Great Local Park OR Forest.

0:28:The words Discover the appears under the original words in the previous frame.

0:29:The family continues to walk further and further away.

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