Visual Rhetoric Rewrite – PlethoraGaming

0:00-0:01 A woman is sitting in a good looking hall area and is starting at a tablet, from the looks of it chatting with someone. And next to her a really shiny silver trophy on the table as her tablet. Other people seem to be in room because a lady in the shot looks like she is talking to someone else that is off screen

0:00-0:03 We get to take a look at the tablet the woman was looking at it is an advertisement towards how to grow your 401(k) from a website called This tells us this is an ad for retirement

0:03-0:05 We pan over to a bunch of college kids, they look like they are a team and won something. The girls are in excitement while a girl on the center left is holding a victory trophy. The mom is cheerful with the group of girls. They also seems to be a fraternity because of the symbols in the room

0:06-0:07 They are in a fraternity home, and are celebrating a win for for something with one of the kids hugging their mom.

0:08-0:10 We pan over to a mom and child in a bank. The mom is creating a bank account for the daughter, and the daughter looks clueless to whats going on

0:10-0:12 The kid and mom are grown up with holding a pamphlet at a college that says “look forward to a brighter future”

0:12-0:15 The mom and kid are now touring, about 3 different times the college background changed, showing that they are looking to pick the best college

0:15-0:18 The mom is showing a board with three options for college, about the pros and cons regarding tuition, meal etc.. And its very elaborate

0:18-0:20 The kid is now overwhelmed by the options to pick, and seems to be afraid because she doesn’t know which is the right choice

0:20-0:24 Back to the fraternity home, and the mom and child are celebrating being in college

0:25-0:28 The mom on the tablet is considering applying to the AceYourRetirement

0:28-0:34 Just showing a banned for retirement


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