Visual Rhetoric Rewrite–rainbow987

0:02 – In the first image, a group of young people comprised of both males,females, and multiple races are sitting in a room. There is a tan couch and green striped curtains, which could suggest that they are in a living room. The curtains are closed. Therefore, I can infer that it may be nighttime, since the curtains could be preventing people from seeing into the house with the lights on. One of the boys is sitting on a bright pink, large bouncy ball on top of the couch. It is interesting that he is doing this. He looks unsteady, like he could fall very easily. Red solo cups are scattered around the room and in people’s hands, indicating that they are most likely drinking alcohol. I can assume from the balancing act on the couch that the kids are being slightly reckless due to the alcohol in their system. I can also assume that due to the reckless behavior and young age of the people, that the video is suggesting that they are underage. It is most likely illegal for them to be consuming alcohol. There is a guitar in the corner of the room, so one or more of the people in the scene are probably able to play the instrument. There is also a painting on the wall of a person on a skateboard. The painting further suggests that the house is inhabited by young people, since the artwork is rather juvenile.

0:03 – In this image, the boy on the bouncy ball is seen falling off and tumbling towards the ground. It can be assumed that a stuntman was hired to perform this action, since it is highly dangerous. The camera pans out to show more of the room. There is a big mess of red solo cups and food scattered around the room. There is a lamp turned on, which could possibly confirm the theory that it is night time. However, the curtains do not cover a window as previously thought. They cover a door leading to the outside. There are weights on the floor, which suggests that one or more of the people work out. All of the furniture is colorful and vibrant, as well as rather cheesy. The decor indicates that young people live in the residence. The house is either rented or owned by young people, or they are in a “kid’s room” of a house owned by older people. It is also obvious that the get together was planned ahead of time, since there are snacks scattered in bowls around the room.

0:04 – The boy on the bouncy ball completely crashes onto the ground, causing a table filled with food to break. He falls and is seen lying on the ground. White text appears on the screen over top of the scene. It says “PARTY FOUL.” This text is most likely referring to the boy falling on the ground. It was a poor choice to joke around on the bouncy ball, causing the boy to fall. Therefore, it could be considered a party foul. The camera pans out further and you can see another young girl holding a red solo cup, who is most likely underage. She has her hand raised to her face, indicating that she is shocked/surprised. This expression is probably a reaction to the boy falling and breaking the table, which is very unusual typically, but is common for a situation involving drunk teenagers.

0:05 – A new scene appears. A group of young people are sitting around a table, which appears to be in a kitchen or dining room. On the table, there is beer, red solo cups, hot sauce, and a plate that looks like it is filled with spicy peppers. A man in a red checkered shirt and backwards hat is eating the peppers by shoving a lot of them in his mouth at once. A woman is standing near him, dumping hot sauce onto the peppers as he eats them. There is a group of people gathered around the table cheering on the man as he shoves the food into his mouth. It looks like it is night time due to the lighting in the room. Also, you can see the darkness through the transparent brown curtains that are hung up on top of the windows. The lights are clearly on in the room due to the yellow hue. It is most likely summer, since the woman is wearing shorts and a tank top.

0:06 – The man is trying to swallow the peppers while laughing along with everyone. He appears to be struggling. He is sitting on a cushioned bench around a table. He is surrounded by a number of people who are watching him.

0:07 – The man stands up and spits out his food onto the table, creating a mess. The woman next to him opens her mouth wide, showing that she is shocked. You can see a reflection of overhead hanging lights in the windows.

0:08 – The scene is still the same, except more white text appears on the screen that says “PARTY FOUL.” It is obvious the text is in response to the man spitting out his food. It is implied that shoving too much spicy food into his mouth at once was a poor decision. The woman’s facial expression changes from one of surprise to one of concern.

0:09 – A new scene appears. There is a fireplace in the background with alcohol sitting on the ledge. There are people talking around the room. The lighting is dimmed significantly. There is a young man and a young woman in the room. The girl appears to be swinging a golf club. The boy appears to be assisting her. There are also blue solo cups scattered throughout the room, which suggests that they are drinking alcohol. Their actions appear to be very inappropriate for indoors and highly dangerous. Their actions are symbolic of the effects of irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

0:11 – The girl swings the golf club, and it flies out of her hand and lands on the ground. The couple looks surprised and shocked as to what just occurred. In addition, they also look worried that they might have broken a piece of furniture.

0:13 – The camera pans to the wall, showing that the golf club knocked a mirror off the wall. There is a table with two lamps on it. There are also a number of decor items on the table. The room indicates that the people who live there are well off financially. The people around look shocked and worried by their wide eyed expressions. The same white text appears on the screen once again, saying “PARTY FOUL.” Swinging a golf club indoors could be considered a poor decision, prompting the words.

0:14 – The scene changed once again. The camera is above a group of people crowding around a table. There are blue solo cups arranged on the table, suggesting that the group is partaking in a drinking game. There is food on the floor. There is a fireplace and a television, so it is probably a living or family room. There is a juvenile piece of art in the corner of the room, which reads “LOL.” This artwork further suggests that young people reside in the house.

0:15 – The young man that was standing near the table filled with the blue solo cups jumps onto the table, landing on his stomach. He jumped very high in the air, which is shown by the swaying of the overhead lamp after he hit it with his hand. There are people standing and sitting around the room with blue solo cups in hand.

0:16 – The table breaks as the man’s weight lands upon it. The blue solo cups fall onto the floor. The same white text appears on the screen reading “PARTY FOUL.” Once again, this text is referring to the poor decision of the man crashing onto the table.

0:18 – There is a group of young adults outside. It is night time. Everyone is dressed in short sleeves, suggesting that it is summer. There is a man smiling and holding his hand up. It looks like he might be about to give a handshake to the man standing next to him as an introduction. The group of people are standing along a wooden fence. There are two young men and a young woman of a variety of ethnicities.

0:20 – The people start walking in one direction. They are laughing, and it looks like they might be being loud. It is warm outside since the people are dressed in shorts and t-shirts/tank tops.

0:22 – One of the young men takes keys out of his pocket and unlocks a gray car. He and others and walking in the direction of the vehicle. The car lights are on, shining onto a driveway. It is nighttime.

0:24 – The young man walks to the car and pulls open the driver’s door. People are walking around him.

0:25 – The young man is laughing and appears carefree as he gets into the car. There is a young woman getting into the passenger seat. You can see a reflection of a house outdoor light in the car window.

0:27 – The scene is of the young man and woman sitting in the car. They appear to be facing one another while talking. White text appears on the screen that says “underage drinking and driving.”

0:28 – The same scene is in the background. However, new white text appears that says “the ultimate PARTY FOUL.” This message is in reference to the young man. He had obviously been drinking and therefore should not be driving. Therefore, it is an extremely dangerous party foul.

0:31 – The scene fades out and becomes completely black. White text is all that is left on the screen, which reads “” The words provide a link for a viewer to go to in order to find out more information about underage drinking and driving.

This PSA, entitled “Party Foul,” is about underage drinking and driving. It shows multiple scenarios in which young adults make poor decisions due to the effects of alcohol. These actions are often dangerous. Then, it shows a young man who had been drinking getting into a car to drive, along with a passenger. Words appear on the screen explaining how this is a bad idea while also implying the danger of it.

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