Visual Rewrite–collegegirl

0.01- A young hispanic boy, about 8 years old, sitting at the end of his driveway. His red bicycle is fixed upside down like he is fixing the the chain connected to the bake tire. There is also a bicycle in the background, green, maybe his friends or his brothers. There is a helmet lying next to his bike which indicates that safety is important to him. There is a wall that leads into a driveway. The wall is a light brown wall and the driveway looks like it connects to a home that you would see in Florida. It looks hot outside as the sun is shining bright. There is a trashcan in the background with another nike besides it. This ay indicate that they are getting rid of the bike. Another boy is also shown riding out of the driveway. He is also wearing a helmet. This leads me to think that their family thinks that safety is important. The front yards grass is not that full and has a lot of dirt patches. They must not keep up with their lawn. The quality of the video is not the best, which means it is older maybe early 2000.

0.02-0.05- The video zooms in to show the young boys facial expressions. Sad. He looks sad, maybe worried about something or lonely. He is wearing a red zip up hoodie with the arms cut off. He is also wearing shorts, which indicates that it is indeed hot. The red bicycle looks scratched up and the wheels of the bike also look like they are losing there tread. The boy looks like he needs a hair cut, which may lead us to think that he cannot afford one or his family cannot afford one. His eyes look up at the camera and they look like they are squinting in a way because of the sun being in his face. His lips shrivel up as if he were angry at something. He begins talking and looks sad while saying something.

0.06-0.07- There are kids on a playground full of sand. the main focus is on the swing set. In the background we see other kids of all different culutres playing and having a good time. On the swing set, to the right there is a girl in a red plaid shirt kicking her legs back and forth in order to swing. In the middle, there is a young boy in shorts also swinging back and forth. All the way over to the left, there is a girl sitting on the swing with her head down. She looks sad. She’s not having fun at a park, which most kids enjoy. Something is wrong, something is off.

0.08-0.09- The camera zooms in so we can get a better visual of the young girls face. She has short red curly hair. She is wearing a yellow flowered shirt with shorts. She is also wearing a watch, looks like an inexpensive watch. She looks to be about 8-9 years old. Her back is hunched over as she is sitting on the swings. She begins talking and it is hard to read her facial expression because the sun is in her eyes. Her eyes are squinting and her cheekbones are high. She’s obviously at a park. In the background its a sunny day. You also see another young girl on a rocking horse bouncing up and down in the background. The playground is also full of mulch.

0.10- A small hand is touching what it looks to be a sprinkler. The is a blue figure in the background that somewhat looks like it could be someone wearing a blue shirt. The quality of the video is still not all that great.

0.11-There are three girls playing in the sprinkler. There are two girls specifically that the hand at the 10 seconds mark could have been but they are both similar in skin tone. The three girls have there hands up, maybe they are playing a game. There is a hula hoop and a soccer ball in the background. They are playing on grass which is brown. Brown grass indicates that it is dry outside, either meaning no rain or humidity. To the right of the yard there looks to be a garden. In the picture you can only see one plant that looks to be dry as well. No one is taking care of this yard. There is a lawn chair in the background that sits next to a small red grill.

0.12-0.13- The camera zooms into one of the girls. She is wiping her face with her hand to get the water away. The young girl says something really quick. Her eyebrows raised as if she was surprised. She too, looks concerned.

0.14-0.17- Now, there is a young boy, around 7 years old, african american descent. He has a huge afro, which may mean he cannot afford to get his haircut or maybe he just liked his hair to be long. He is wearing a gray cut off t-shirt with blue shorts. He’s hunched over and looks like something is wrong. He is sitting on what it appears to be the sideline of a outdoor basketball court. There is a fence directly behind him. The video shows shadows of other kids playing basketball on the court. Something is wrong with the young  boy because he does not want to play.  He has a sad look on his face like he wants something or something is wrong.

0.18-0.22- A somewhat older looker girl is now in the next scene. Maybe about 9-10 years old. She has her hair pulled back in a pony tail with a little side bang hanging across her forehead. The background is blurred out and focused on her face. But we can see what it appears to be some blurred out tree branches with the sky behind it. Her eyes looks low and her mouth is open. She also looks worried or sad about something. She begins talking and her facial expression does not change, When she looks away from the camera, her eyes look away slow, she may be tired. She also looks like she may not have any energy.

0.23- The next scene now shows three kids between the ages of 10 and 6 jumping rope. There is a girl jumping in the middle, a younger girl to the left controlling the jump rope, and an older boy about 10 controlling the right side of the jump rope. The are on a concrete surface. There is a field of grass behind them and the sun looks like it is going down. There are words on the screen now that say “Summer isn’t fun when you’re hungry.”

The message of this video was that summer isn’t fun when you’re hungry. The filmmaker made clips of kids who look sad because they are hungry. When its summer time, they do not have lunch given to them like they do while they are in school.

0.26-0.31- The last scene of the advertisement states “Together we’re feeding America”


One thought on “Visual Rewrite–collegegirl”

  1. The video you chose was particularly challenging since so much of the message was conveyed by the kids talking directly to the camera. You did a lovely job of conveying the sense of foreboding. Something was wrong, all right.


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