Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Jadden14

0:01-0:02 The flag of texas is displayed hovering slightly above a white wall, composed of three colors, red,white,and blue. There is 3 sections, a blue section on the left, with a white star in the center of it, and a white section above a red section on the right. The camera recording this is placed in such a way you can see the flag’s shadow lightly casted along the wall. Based on the shadow, light appears to be coming from the left side, and you can tell the flag has wrinkes based off the light’s position as well. The flag has two gold rings on the top-left and one on the bottom-left corners. These rings are what the ropes used to raise flags go through. Based on the lighting and the stillness of the flag, I am under the assumption that this is indoors. It could possibly be nighttime, as the light in the background seems very artificial, along with the fact that there is no indicator of sunlight, that or it could be in a windowless room.

0:02-0:04 The flag seems to change its appearance in a very unreal way. The blue colored portion of the flag breaks its boundaries, and begins to seep from the bottom-left to the bottom-right portion of the flag. It enters in a flooding like motion, which could be symbolic.

0:05-0:06 The flooding has intensified, pooring in at a more rapid rate. It has almost completely overtaken the red section of the flag, and is resembling the physics of water in a container. A small wave appears and fades back into the water as blue fills in the flag. The lone star on the texas flag remains untampered with throughout this process.

0:07-0:09  The blue starts to rock back and forth, overtaking a portion of the top white section of the flag. It does this in the same manner as waves would rock back and forth in an ocean during a bad storm. More than 3/4 of the flag has now been filled in by the blue.

0:10-0:11 The blue keeps raising and lowering, as if the flag was depicting the tides. The waves seen within the flag are intensifying, making it seem as if there is a storm, getting worse.

0:15-0:16 The raising and lowering of the blue starts to slow down, and is producing more waves. You can make out three or four chains of waves running through the water now.

0:17-0:18 The level of blue has dropped, and created a sense of relief. The blue on the right corner is slightly higher, even though the level of blue has dropped. This could possibly indicate a wavelike motion getting much stronger, or possibly a gigantic wave could flush the flag.

0:19 The water begins to drain out of the flag. It is draining in a rapid motion, falling out of the top of the flag and back into the red section.

0:20 The flag has almost been completely drained. Throughout the entire process of the blue bleeding out into the flag, the lone star has remained untouched.

0:21 A small sliver of blue is left, and the flag is about to be completely restored to its original form. This blue is in the bottom left section of the red within the flag, and it seems to be drained from the center of the bottom of the flag.

0:22 The flag has now been completely drained. The flag has been restored to the original image at the beginning of the video.

0:23-0:27 The flag vanishes from our view, and the background stays the same. In black text, within the center of the screen, the words “Harvey can’t mess with texas.” is displayed in bold. this reveals that the waves and all the effects acting on the flag were resembling hurricane harvey. The lone star staying untouched could have represented that texas did not fall.

0:28 The text changes again, this time to a website link. This website link leads to the hurricane Harvey relief efforts in texas. A small logo from Ad Council appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

One thought on “Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Jadden14”

  1. That doesn’t sound like a very effective fundraising technique, Jadden. The implication is that Texas is strong and resilient, takes grief from no one, including Hurricane Harvey, and will have no trouble returning to normal. It almost says: we don’t need anybody’s help. I wouldn’t send them money with that attitude; would you?


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