Visual Rewrite – Princess45

0:01- 0:05 This video starts out valentines day 2015. The Beach is being shown, it is clearly a hot day in what seems to be California or a warm state as there are many people on the beach and boardwalk. There is a man and a woman running separate ways

0:06-0:08- Civilians are being shown walking and shopping to prepare for this special day. A big bouquet of valentines day balloons flashes across the screen.

0:09-0:11-There is a crowd of people in what seems to be the middle of a city and they are all looking at a stage. On this stage there are two people behind an x ray screen kissing. You cannot see who each person is or what they look like, all you can see is their skeletons.

0:12- 0:17- The crowd of people can be seen whispering back and fourth and looking around in confusion. They are trying to figure out who these two people behind the screen are and what they are doing. The civilians are trying to figure out the point of this.

0:18-0:22- The couple behind the screen stop kissing and begin to separate. The are walking to the outsides of the screen when a woman peeks her head out. She smiles to everyone.

0:23-0:25- The other person behind the screen begins to peak their head out as well and it is another woman. Both white woman.

0:26-0:28- A woman in the crowd is shocked. She seems to be shocked in a good way along with the rest of the crowd. People are seen clapping as the couple kisses and hugs for the crowd.

0:29-0:33- The crowd is continuing to show their approval as the couple stands proud for their relationship, as “love has no gender” is being shown next to them. The couple seems a little shy and surprised in a good way as everyone continues to show their support for them.

0:34-0:38- Another pair is being shown dancing behind the X ray screen. Again we cannot see what they look like, only the same two skeletons as before.

0:39-0:45- The begin to walk their separate ways, out first comes a woman and she is black. On the other side comes out a man but he seems to be asian. As they meet the kiss for everyone and again the crowd roars and supports their relationship.

0:46-0:48- The crowd is clearly getting the point of this project as the words “Love has no race” appears on the screen next to the couple standing proud of who they are and loving who they want too.

0:49-0:53- Again there are two people behind the X- Ray screen and they are being shown dancing as well. One person begins to walk out and it appears to be a young girl who has autism.

0:54-0:58- Another young girl walks up and stands next to her holding her hand high as the crowd goes wild as the words “love has no disabilities” appears on the screen next to them.

0:59-1:03-  This time on the screen shows three people, what seems to be two adults and one child dancing and having fun behind the screen. They begin to split to come out for the crowd and a black man holding hands with a little boy comes out and smiles bright for the crowd.

1:04-1:08Another black man comes out from the other side of the screen, grabs hands with the child and kisses his husband. A man in the crowd throws his arms up in excitement and approval for the couple. They stand there proud as the words “love has no gender” appears on the screen next to them. Again the crowd roars.

1:09-1:16- Two small skeletal figures are behind the screen playing hand games and hugging. Two small girls, one white, one asian, appear on stage and meet in the middle to hug as “love has no race” appears on the screen next to them as the crowd goes up in applause for them.

1:17- 1:20- Two Skeletal figures are being showed bowing to each other. The both come out from behind the screen and there is a white woman wearing a cross on her neck and an indian woman wearing her cultural attire. They again bow to each other and begin to dance as “love has no religion” flashes on the screen next to them. Again the crowd goes wild.

1:21-1:24- Two men of different religions meet on the stage to shake hands. The crowd smiles and applauses in approval as “love has no religion” appears on the screen next to them

1:25-1:30- The video ends as “love has no labels” flashes on the screen ending this project. Love has no genders, love has no race, love has no religion, love has no labels. This is something each and ever human being needs to learn to accept, love has no labels and people can love whoever they want despite social norms or peoples expectations.

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