Visual Rewrite- alaska

0.01 The video starts with what we assume to be an African American family of four walking down the sidewalk that has cars parked along the side. Its looks to be a big neighborhood. All four of them are looking down at their phones. The boy has earphones in and so does the girl. None of them are talking to each other; they are all quiet and in their our little world. The dad seems to be looking off to the side like he is looking for something or is reading a sign.

0.04 The family seems to be dressed casually for their outing. The women stops and points to something off screen while the camera zooms in onto her phone. The screen shows a website for discovering a park or forest near you.

0.06 They resume walking and the camera focuses on the little girl. She looks so surprised and begins to take out her earphones. The background looks to be some sort of park. It has a park sign in the back and many trees.

0.07 The camera angle changes to all of the family and shows them walking towards a pond or a lake. The parents are holding hands and the kids are a little bit in front of the parents but are also on either side of them.

0.09 The camera zooms in onto the little girl again. She is crouching down towards the lake looking at her reflection in the water. Seeing herself and smiles.

0.11 The little girl starts to make funny faces into the water. Sticking her tongue out and closing her eyes.

0.12 The next scene is of the kids crouching down on rocks across from each other while a little stream of water goes in between them. They have sticks and they are playing with the water. The area around them is very tall grass and looks a bit cornered or sectioned off. The screen then says streaming.

0.15 The camera shows the father pointing at something offscreen showing his daughter. They both look very happy. The camera shows a black bird with an orange and white wing on a tree branch. The screen then says tweet.

0.18 The little boy is crouched down looking at the ground that has a pile of leaves and sticks. He then moves a leaf and it shows a close up of a snail. The screen then says search results.

0.22 The little boy picks up the snail and shows his family. They all seem so happy and surprised.

0.23 The little boy then starts to swing his sister around by holding her hands and her flying off the ground.

0.25 The family is walking towards the camera while the mom goes and grabs the little girl by the shoulders and gives her a little hug while the father and the son laugh. The screen then says connected.

0.27 The screen shows the family walking away from the camera in an open field and the screen says find a great local park or forest.

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