Visual Rewrite- Flyerfan1974

0:01: We start off the video with a wide landscape shot, there seems to be some kind of ash and hot coals. Ash and hot coals indicate that a fire has recently happened. This could have been a forest fire, a camp fire close up, or the top of a burnt match. This could be an ad about grilling or fire prevention. It even could be a close up of the ashes of a backyard fire then the camera will zoom out and we will see a family around a campfire in their backyard, we do not know yet. We do not know if we are on Earth, but we cannot just make that assumption. The ash is being uplifted by something. We do not know what it is, it could be wind, a landing helicopter, or a passing car. In the back we can make out a sort of mountain range. Earth has mountains, but it could be the moon. The ash looks gray and depressing, the creator this video used this color to portray a sort of death feel. There are no plants, humans, or animals. Whatever caused this devastation had to have killed off anything in its path.

0:02: Almost half of the ashes are swept up by a sort of golden force. Trees and grass have come back to life with the removal of all the ash. However, a lot of ash still remains. The back of a boat looks like it is leading the golden force. Trees, grass, and a boat indicate that we are in fact in Earth. This force causes an uplifting of all the ash and coal, as if the creator of this video is bringing all that was destroyed back to life.

0:03 Almost all of the ash has been pushed away from this mysterious golden force. Mountains, trees, bushes, and grass come back from the dead. Making the landscape as beautiful as it once was. In the background, huge mountains start to grow to their mighty selves again. The destruction of huge mountains, which must be extremely difficult to destroy shows just how powerful a fire can be, it just ravishes an area. The golden force is what the area looked like before. The beauty of the before fire landscape shows the viewer that all that beauty is to valuable to be destroyed. The most important part of this frame in the boat. It is followed by the bed of a pickup truck. It is a truck hauling a boat, but it is going backwards. Time is being turned back, so whatever this truck passed, it caused destruction to.

0:04: Our shot is now along the road. We see the once mighty mountains, the beautiful trees, grass, and bushes. The trees have all their leaves on, and the man is using his boat. It must be hot, hot summer time. The truck pulling the boat is however, causing an extreme number of sparks. Something metal must be scraping the asphalt. The grass is not extremely green, it is a more yellowish. This discoloration is caused by the hot summer heat. This is the kindling to the fire, and the sparks are the fuel.

0:05: We see the man in his blue pickup truck, his shirt is yellow, and he has a watch on. The man has his arm out the window, tapping the roof of his truck. His eyes are pointed not at the road, but up at the sky. He looks as if he is not paying attention to the road, or the trailer behind him. He may be taping the roof because he is listening to music, he is taping along with the beat. He has the window down so how does he not hear the chains? The music must be so loud that its drowning out the sound of the chains dragging.

0:06: We now have a view from under his truck, and see that the chains used in the connection are sparking up. The metal being drug along asphalt causes the sparks. We can see the ash filled barren wasteland left behind by the fire.

0:07: We see ash and hot coals being lifted off a house and a grass filled front yard. A house was put in this video to show how people’s homes filled with all their belongings, can be destroyed by a simple mistake. The porch of the house is even filled with many belongings. We see the truck driving on by.

0:08: The house is even more intact, with all the belongings being visible. There are barrels and crates all on the porch. They must be filled with produce, with is grown at a farm. This farm house shows that farmers lively hood can be wiped out by the snap of a finger.

0:09: We now can see the front of the truck, moving backwards, turning what was destroyed back into fire, back into what it was before. There is a sort of landscape with dry grass, boulders, and dessert sand. The landscape looks like Texas, which his very hot during the summer. This heat plays a huge role in the forest fire. The front of the truck has no emblem on the front so we know it is not a truck commercial.

0:10: We now have an aerial view of the truck and trailer. The ash is being pushed back to reveal streets, sidewalks, lampposts, and businesses. The creator of this video must have added the town to show what the wildfire can do.

0:11: More and more businesses are revealed. With the destruction of businesses, people will lose their jobs, consumers will have to seek a business farther away, and the whole towns economy may plummet.

0:12: A school and a playground has been cleared of the ash by the backwards moving truck. The creator added this to give an emotional hook. Children go to school, and play on playgrounds. They are defenseless, and are our future. This adds to the whole picture how much a wildfire can take from us.

0:13: The left rear tire is about to hit a pot hole the chains have just started to make sparks.

0:14: The backwards moving truck is now passed the pothole, and the chains are not dragging. It is safe to say that when the truck was driving forward and hit the pothole, the chains were knocked loose. Also we see leaves falling, Autumn may upon us. The leaves falling, and landing under the chains must have been the kindling for the fire.

0:15: The truck is perfectly fine, pulling a boat on a trailer just like normal.

0:16: The truck has stopped in front of a city hall with the American flag flying. This represents the devastation that wildfires have caused the us. A bear with a forest ranger hat and blue pants is walking on 2 feet toward the trucks hitch. It is the famous Smokey Bear who represents forest fire prevention.

0:17: Smokey now walks up to the chains to adjust them.

0:18: Smokey crossed the chains so they are shorter and do not drag even while hooked on the truck, and so that if the trailer comes off the ball of the hitch, it will be cradled by the crossed chains.

0:19: Smokey crosses them all the way so the truck is all set.

0:20: He reaches for the chains which are already connected.

0:21: He pulls on them to check if the chains are secure.

0:22: Smokey gets a close up of his face, and beings to no his head yes, saying “this truck is ready to go.

0:23: The truck pulls away and Smokey’s back faces us as he looks at the truck in pride.

0:24-0:30: A sign comes up on screen and says, “Spark a change not wildfires,” and Smokey is in the same spot he was before, in the background.

(The video says 46 seconds, but the extra 16 seconds are for social media page links being shown)

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3 thoughts on “Visual Rewrite- Flyerfan1974”

  1. Flyerfan, I’m still not going to watch this video until you ask me to, but I’m impressed by what you’re doing here. Before I get deeper into your critique, I’m wondering, when you watch the first second of this video as a veteran media consumer, what do you think it IS or ISN’T?

    Those very early impressions of something we watch from the beginning immediately influence our understanding of what follows. It’s not a TV sitcom, I imagine. It’s very likely not a clothing ad for Target. See what I’m asking? The director will not transition from that blighted, burnt-out landscape to an ad for flame-broiled burgers. But some images very similar to these MIGHT. A closeup of burning coals COULD transition nicely to an ad for fast food prepared by caveman methods.

    This first second avoids such connotations, resists such transitions. How does that occur? How do you know for sure you’re going to get a moral lesson instead of a come-on to buy some empty calories? Or do you? Am I wrong about that?

    Yes, I know. I’m impossible to please. I always think you could have done more. But you’re doing really well here. I just always want to keep you mindful of how very many judgments we make in response to the slightest nuances of rhetoric (whether visual or verbal).


  2. You alternate from appropriate WE language to illegal YOU language, Flyerfan. Don’t address your reader, even accidentally, by saying, for example, “You can see the front of the truck.”


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