Visual Rewrite

o.o1– The first image is a middle-aged African American women possibly in her own home sitting on the couch in the living room with a laptop on her lap. The woman is wearing casual clothing, a blouse and jeans. On the right side of the image sitting next to the lady is a medium sized black and white dog. Behind the lady sitting on the couch is a view of the modern day kitchen and back door. The house looks as if it has plenty of sunlight shining through indicating that the windows or curtains maybe open. The lady’s face is calm, her eyes are focusing on the laptop. The dog is standing tall interested in whats on the laptop also. The women is the main focus of the ad, not anything else.

0.02– The next image is now focused directly on the laptop screen, giving us (the audience) the view they lady and dog have on the laptop screen as the laptop sits on her lap. The laptop screen has a letter opened to view stating “how to save for retirement.” Everything in the background is blurred out, for the audience to focus only on the computer screen.

0.03– The current image is showing the outside of a grey two level house. From this image I can not make out if the house belongs to the lady in the previous image. The house looks up to date on the outside, nice landscaping, the house also has a bright red front door and a bright red and white sold sign in the front yard of the house. Indicating that the house has been sold to someone.

0.04/ 0.05 also 0.06 Shows the same exact image focusing on the house. Slowly zooming into the house approaching to the next scene.

0.07– The same African American women is now at a laundry mat. She has a scrambled look on her face. She is standing in front of a row a dryers filled with clothes, facing a the folding tables. On the table is a laundry bin filled with clothes were her cell phone sits on top, a notebook and pin, clean clothes and laundry detergent.

0.08– The women picks up her pin to write in her notebook. She is looking frantically at her cellphone to record/ write down what she is seeing on the cellphone. A man with a hand full of clothes passes behind her.

0.09– The image is showing the blue laundry bin filled with orange folded towels. The women’s cellphone sits on top of the towels, in a position that the women can view clearly. It looks as if an informational video with a young lady sitting at a desk is playing on the cellphone, that the lady is viewing while doing her laundry.

0.10– Now the lady is at a gym, working out on a exercise bike. She has on workout clothes and sneakers. She is also talking on her cell phone, with she other hand she is balancing on the bike. The film makers added this scene to show that she can juggle many things a one time.

0.11/ 0.12– The woman pause as if she received news over her phone call. Slowly the image shows that it was good news. Out of excitement she cheers, laughs and smiles. She is still seated on the exercise bike and still holding her cell phone to he ear.

0.13– A African American man working out on the treadmill behind her starts to stare at her with a very questioned look on his face.

0.14/ 0.15– Is showing a chart titles “The House List.” The chat is showing pictures of five different houses at the top of the chart along with the house names. The chart has different categories such as, overall rating, front yard, garden area/ backyard and walkable at amenities. Along side each category and under each house in the row are small blue stars ranging from 1 to 4 stars. Along side the overall rating category are circle stickers under each house in the row. The woman is currently placing an orange sticker under the fourth house in the row.

0.16– The woman is now standing along a street with her back facing the street with another house on it. I’m imagining that she is standing in front of a house that is on her list of houses because she is holding a clipboard and a pin as if she is checking something on the list off. She is wearing casual clothing and she has a satisfied look on her face.

0.17/ 0.18–  This image is showing the woman flushing the toilet in two different houses on a split screen. I came to the conclusion that it was two different houses because the bathroom floors are different and the toilets are shaped different also the women is standing at a different angle.

0.19– Now the screen has split into 8 different small images of bathroom toilets as the women flushes each one by one. Each bathroom floor is different.

0.20– Now the screen has split into 15 different small images of bathroom toilets. Now the women is flushing all the toilets at the same time. All the bathroom floors remain different.

0.21– The woman is standing in the middle of an empty house with no furniture she is still holding her clip board possibly with her “The House List.” To the left of the women is a younger lady dressed in a suit skirt holding a folder with her hand in motion as if she is asking the women “how do you like it?” I concluded that is a realtor. I have also concluded that they just finished touring the house. As I look closer it appears to me that this is the same house from the beginning clips. She is standing in  the same spot that shows the same back door and same half of the kitchen. This image also shows us the bright red door on the house from a previous clip but now the door is open and she is inside the house and not standing on the street on the house. She looks satisfied with her final decision.

0.22– The realtor continues with her hand motion and women looking for the house nods her head and smiles.

0.23/ 0.24–  The image is now of the women slowly sitting down on the same couch from the beginning of the Ad with her dog and lap top.

0.25, 0.27–  The clip is still showing the women sitting on the couch with her dog and laptop but she looks happier and has more expression on her face of relief.

0.28, 0.31– Ad logo “Ace Your Retirement”

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