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  1. Manufacturers

Finger-saving SawStop has been around for a decade, but tool companies aren’t interested

1a.)  In an article written by Jeff Blagdon it states,  But despite SawStop effectiveness, the big tool companies still haven’t added it to their products. Meanwhile, saw-related injuries result in some $2.3 billion in medical bills, lost wages, and other societal costs every year. Fair Warning investigates why the power tool industry has so far failed to license the SawStop technology or implement its own alternative. ‘If the manufacturers had to pay the cost of those injuries,’ says inventor Stephen Gass, ‘they would have adopted technology like this within months of the time they heard about it’”.

1b.)  The inventor, Steve Gass, makes the claim that manufacturers do not want the liability of the saw to not work.  They do not pay for the medical bills of their customers now but if they were too implement this saw, it opens up a world of lawsuits and bills for the company.

1c.)  This is a factual claim made by this article and Mr. Gass.  Manufacturers do not want the responsibility and the headaches that this saw may bring, at least Steve Gass’ invention.

1d.)  I agree with the claim brought up by Steve Gass and how big companies don’t want to pay for things they do not have to.  But, if this is such a big issue then why is Steve Gass taking the chance and manufacturing these saws? The problem is right now is that the technology is too ineffective and inconsistent.  Approximately, 2,000 people have been injured from this saw out of 300,000 table saw emergency room visits since 2002, when the company opened.

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