Rebuttal – PaulaJean

-Raymond Nickerson blames ineffective medical procedures. If a patient recovered, doctors counted the treatment as successful instead of looking for alternative explanations. Example: The disease had actually just run it’s course but the treatment was still unsuccessful.

-Confirmation bias may also cause doctors to perform unnecessary medical procedures due to pressure.

-According to Aaron Beck, biased information processing is a factor in depression. He suggested that you treat every problem equally.

Phobias and Hypochondrias have been shown to involve confirmation bias for threatening information.

Confirmation bias is often described as a result of automatic, unintentional strategies rather than deliberate deception.

On social media, confirmation bias is amplified by the use of “algorithmic editing”, which shows individuals information that they are more likely to agree with, while excluding opposing views.

Nobody likes to be wrong…

Wording of a sentence triggers confirmation bias and allows the reader or audience to subconsciously believe that what’s said is true.

Prior goals or thoughts will influence how one reacts.



Arguing against confirmation bias: The effect of argumentative discourse goals on the use of disconfirming evidence in written argument. (2016, July 18). Retrieved March 19, 2018, from


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