Safer Saws – PaulaJean5

2. Customers

2A. A testimonial from a SawStop customer: “This saw is everything I imagined the saw to be. It moves easily around in its stand. I feel safe using it.”

2B. This customer claims that the saw lives up to its standards.

2C. Type of claim: Evaluative

2D. I think this claim is valid as he states a reason why the saw is valuable and also adds in personal experience.

11. Amputees

11A. Hobbyist: “I’ve been doing this for years and never been hurt. That evening I spent 14 hours in surgery.”

11B. This individual is claiming that anybody can get hurt no matter how long you have been working with saws.

11C. Type of Claim: Ethical

11D. I think this claim is valid, but not complete. I think there needs more clarification on why the saw helped him. (or would help him)

5. Injured Plaintiffs

5A. “Every year, there are over 40,000 table saw injuries, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations.”

5B. This lawyer claims that out of all of the table saw injuries, 10% of them result in amputations.

5C. Type of Claim: Factual

5D. This claim is reasonable and definitely makes point.

2. Customers

2A. A customer stated, “I’m a happy camper and glad to recommend this saw to anyone. I am an Emergency Physician, and I’ve seen firsthand (no pun intended) several times over what a table saw can do to a hand- most recently last week. I didn’t need much convincing that I wanted a SawStop.”

2B. This customer is claiming that since he is a physician he knows what a table saw injury looks like.

2C. Type of Claim: Evaluative

2D. I think this claim is valid. The customer has experience on both sides of the situation as he is a doctor and uses a saw.

6. Personal Injury Lawyer

6A. “Only 20% of the injuries occur in people who are on the job, where injuries are usually covered by workplace accident insurance.”

6B. This lawyer is making the claim that 20% of the injuries occur in people who are on the job, which means the other 80% will most likely have to pay out of their own pockets for the injury they acquired.

6C. Type of Claim: Factual

6D. This claim is very valid and I think it makes a great point. Majority of the injuries caused by table saws are not going to get money to pay for their hospital costs.


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