Polio notes- juniorgirlblog

  • It spread through many countries , but children are more vulnerable to this disease then adults. It enters the mouth then comes out as poop, which makes it very likely that a younger child will receive it.
  •  Adults are able to fight this off more then children . The places that are affected by the disease, they don’t seek out for anyone to help get cure.
  • Polio requires more vaccination of children between the ages of 0-5 because their immune system is weak.
  • Polio spread easy unless the population is vaccinated and sanitary.
  • Polio eventually shut down the body and may cause someone to become paralysis.
  • By having polio may cause someone to become really lazy.

Practice opening:

Polio is like a disease that can be cure but it may take sometime. In the next 10 years the disease most likely will disappear, but the the people who suffer from polio is mainly poor and live in a poor country. In order for the disease to stop , you might need to but 3-4 drops of vaccine on people tongues and sanitize the environment.


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