Polio Notes-yeezygod21

  • In our age we have tamed polio of spreading.
  • The technology and science is far superior to Modern Age times.
  • The virus is introduced in the mouth and comes out in the intestines.
  • The disease targets primarily children younger than 5 and can lead to partial and sometimes fatal paralysis.
  • Polio has immortality, simply can be tamed
  • Polio breakout can happen in any country
  • 4 countries India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • Vaccination is an option, not necessarily a demanding choice.
  • When comes to vaccination many people tend to not take it because of what the analytics say if 99 percent of the world is taking the vaccine , then there should not be any concerns.
  • Children are becoming the consumers for the vaccine as time progress
  • Vaccinations is costly for many millions
  • Spend the money to save lives not kill. The usage of inactive vaccination will be positive outlook.
  • Even immunizing people there is no solution for Polio; basically we are stalling until we find a way to kill completely
  • Polio does not seem a concern to many people
  • More than 100 children are exposed to Polio and they can spread it, which a great solution is more and more adults and children should take vaccination.
  • Doctors need to find a uncostly solution
  • Many conspiracies have been brought to attention of Polio
  • In 6 of the 9 autistic children, either the parent or a physician had linked the onset of developmental regression with the receipt of the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella
  • A small number should not make a difference if vaccine is dangerous or not.



As we know diseases remain in earth’s soil while the human race is living on it. The task in hand is very complex. Polio will forever continue even though we are not exposed to it now. People such as adults and children will be encountering on daily basis when the time comes. The science needs to improve as we move towards the future to establish a safe way for ones who get exposed. Polio is simply can be tamed as of now but all we have to do is come together as a world to fight off  even though large amounts of money is involved.

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