Polio Notes- thathawkman

  • Between the age 0-5, children are more vulnerable to the disease
    • Their immune system isn’t as developed
    • Not as good with defecation
    • Can easily spread through water. Highly susceptible to people inside the water with the disease
    • Intake the disease through the mouth
  • Used to be a million a year that would catch polio which can vary from paralyzation to death
  • Vaccines are used now to treat polio and reduce the amount of polio in the population
  • If irradiated once, it’s gone forever as there is no one left to spread the disease
  • Not as easy to get everyone in the population to get immunization
  • Armed Conflict stifles polio immunization
  • Prevention could be futile if introduced again
  • There are a couple of 100 of cases of polio in the world a day
  • The world has gotten rid of Small Pox and irradicated it from the world
  • Distrust in vaccination leads to lack of faith and resistance to get the vaccination
  • One day vaccination are very effective
    • The vaccine is in liquid form, with any dosage. produces anti-bodies to combat
    • Massive amounts of volunteers who don’t need training go to administer the vaccine to vaccinate a lot of people simultaneously
  • 3 times in different times for complete immunization
  • Expensive to administrate the one-day vaccination
  • Vaccination cost 8 cents a piece per child
  • Needs to be refrigerated, transportation
  • The lack of a threat can cause herd immunity to be obsolete


Practice Opening

Though it is quite sad, there is no guarantee that the threat of polio will be eradicated from the world in 20 years unless desperate and militant measures are taken. With massive distrust from international affairs to paranoia about the vaccination itself, it would be hard to believe that one day every country in the world would be on board administrating a vaccine that still may kill children. Even in first world countries where there is a lot of education about vaccination, there is conflict on whether or not a child should be required to be vaccinated as it may cause autism or the minute chance of giving the disease while vaccinating . If there is a solid population of non-vaccinated people, the disease will always be prevelent so it makes sense to vaccinate. Yet the paranoia about the vaccination will always be prevalent. Even as the years go by and a new 100% safe vaccine is made, distrust from other countries such as Pakistan and the suspicion of the vaccine relating to CIA agents to general distrust about a vaccine for a disease that is not prevalent in the area will stray those areas away from peacefully administering the vaccine. Since perception tends to be more prevalent than the truth, there is no guarantee for the


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