Polio Notes- brobeanfarms

-More than 100 children are exposed to Polio and they can spread it, which a great solution is more and more adults and children should take vaccination.

-The disease targets primarily children younger than 5 and can lead to partial and sometimes fatal paralysis.

-Polio requires more vaccination of children between the ages of 0-5 due to their weak immune system.

-There is a more expensive version of the vaccination used in the United States that has zero chance of causing polio. It is in the dollars rather than cents.

-The vaccine is a liquid that is placed of a child’s tongue. The vaccine will go into the body and attack bad bacteria. Taking it about three times will make it 100% effective.

-Nigeria is one of the few places in the world where polio exists.

-If individuals received vaccines regularly, these diseases would not spread as fast. There needs to more effort for this to not happen again.


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