Polio Notes – scarletthief

  • Polio requires polio vaccination between 0-5 years old because their immune systems aren’t strong enough to fight the disease.
  • Children tend to get polio easier than adults because they are “sloppy with poop” (they tend to put their unsanitary hands (maybe feet) in their mouths often) making them more likely to get polio.
  • Polio introduced through mouth and rests in the intestines so the disease is spread virally.
  • Polio can spread through flies that landed on feces that land on people’s food.
  • Used to be a global problem, about 1,000 children a day would be diagnosed with polio, now fewer than 200 cases of polio in the world are diagnosed, therefore we are doing better at preventing the spread of polio.
  • Vaccines eradicate about 90% of polio on the planet since the 70’s and 80’s so getting the vaccine is the first step to the eradication of Polio.
  • Polio only lives in humans, nothing else (dies easily outside the body) so once it is gone, polio will never return.
  • Takes desire, resources, etc. to have ALL infants vaccinated/ immunized, which is why it is VERY difficult to eradicate polio completely.
  • It is extremely hard to further eradication during wars, in refugee camps, or during any armed conflicts because it hinders the chance to have every child immunized due to distrust, the lack of importance, and/or records being lost.
  • About 600 thousand villages, 147 million children in India were vaccinated in a single day during those “one day efforts,” allowing many to have a definite day for their first vaccine and will be able to easily follow up on the next 2 they must take. Also, shows how beneficial of having “one day efforts.”
  • Difficult to eradicate polio due to less than 100% cooperation from populace who think herd immunity will protect them from the disease.
  • When polio hasn’t been seen in a while, we get lazy and stop focussing on getting the drops for polio, therefore allowing polio to grow and spread to unvaccinated people.

Write a lead (thesis) immediately in the opening. Your POV as soon as you can.

The eradication of polio is highly difficult, but not impossible. The first step to removing polio from the world would be for every single person in the world to start caring about polio. Many assume they are protected or that they will never get the disease since no one around them has polio, but this “herd immunity” could very well lead to everyone easily catching polio once one person does get infected. Attention must be brought to polio because it is still out there in the world, and though it may not be on our front door today, it can very well be tomorrow. When people begin to care, look past their distrust of the vaccine and of the drug administrators, and truly believe and put in the effort to end polio is when polio will truly be eradicated from our world.


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