Polio Notes – nyctime7

  • Children are especially susceptible to polio.
  • Areas with bad hygiene are more likely to spread the disease.
  • Getting rid of polio isn’t an urgent matter for many people. Most people haven’t seen a person effected by polio, nor been affected themselves. For that reason, people would rather work on treating other widespread and prevalent diseases.
  • The combination of complacency and distrust complicate the use of vaccines.
  • Vaccinating everyone doesn’t actually save everyone. Children will die.

It’s unrealistic to think that the polio virus will be eradicated in the next 20 years, if ever. A concerted effort is required among all nations of the world, as well as unanimous trust. It’s reasonable to believe that someone somewhere will have doubts or their own agenda, which would complicate the effort. The day every nation worldwide cares enough about each other, polio can quite easily be eradicated. As long as every nation has different and separate priorities, polio will continue to exist.

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