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I will be researching and investigating kneeling during the NFL.  

White Paper

Trump criticizes NFL

The Essential Content of this Article: In the article, Trump Criticizes N.F.L. for Not Penalizing Anthem Kneeling, by Ken Belson and Kevin Draper, they explain how owners of teams and officials of the NFL decided that they will not be taking any measures to punish players who are deciding to take a knee, or even not come out during the anthem.  Donald Trump, finds this unethical and outrageous that they aren’t doing anything about it. No matter how you look at it just as Donald Trump is stating in his tweets and speeches, “Total disrespect for our country.” The NFL hasn’t changed any rules saying players have to stand for the anthem and chose not to take any actions for those who do.  This is beginning to inrage more people because there are plenty of other ways for them to protest.

What it proves: There are several other people that agree that this form of protest in not an impactful or positive method.  President, Donald Trump, thinks this is a disgrace against the country and changes need to be made immediately to inforce standing for our flag and anthem.

Think Again Before Disrespecting Our Flag

The Essential Content of this Article: In the article, Think Again Before Disrespecting our Flag and Anthem, by Cody Long, he describes the actions people are taking against this country and against our flag which people in previous years never would have thought of doing.  In years before there were rarely people burning flags, never flags laying on the ground, and never EVER someone showing complete disrespect towards our flag. In addition, this author began to explain, sure protest is allowed and everyone has the freedom of speech, however showing disrespect toward our flag and country these people are going against the rights they are exercising.  Lastly, this is one of the only countries that have the freedoms, if they go outside the U.S they can see these dictatorships and see what having no rights and how great America really is.

What it proves: Many people feel that this is more than just a protest and however it is more disrespect towards our nation and to those risking their lives to keep us free and safe.  In addition, it adds that our nation is one of the few countries that offer these freedoms we take for granted.

Behind the Protests

The Essential Content of this Article:  In this article, What’s Really Behind the Backlash to the NFL Kneeling Protests, by Kim Wilcox, it describes the reasoning behind the protests and why the players are taking these measures to address this issue.  In addition, she talks about the proper reasons why someone may take a knee during the anthem to respect a fallen soldier or family member lost at war, but a call to change racial injustice is not deserving of disrespecting our country.  Kneeing out of respect to our nation and a cause is the only time it should be done never as a protests against what we believe in.

What it Proves: It shows reasons why some people might take a knee during the anthem and it also shows and explains why taking a knee for the protest they are taking part in should not disrespect who we are.  

Quit Grandstanding with NFL Protests and get back to Football

The Essential Content of this Article: In this article, Quit Grandstanding NFL Protests and get back to Football, by James Robbins, he discuss what these protests are doing to the overall name of the sport.  As he said “Remember when you could enjoy pro football without being lectured on politics?” Less people are watching football because they feel disrespected by those players kneeling and also because every week there is something else.  We used to tune in and watch our favorite team try to win and bring home a super bowl, but now it’s all about politics and what team is disrespecting our nation, and what players are going against the flag.

What it Proves: Without the NFL taking a stance and getting control of this issue before its gets more out of control less people are starting to watch the sport and less supporters less money.  

A Marine’s Letter to the NFL

The Essentials Content of the Article: In Col. Jeffery Powers letter to the NFL he explained how he was a fan of the sport growing up, a season pass holder to Yankee Stadium, but he missed 90-91’ season while be stationed at Desert Storm.  He explained a conversation he had with one of the men that died in war about the Giants going to the Super Bowl. When he returned from fighting for this nation, he doesn’t see his teams thanking and honoring him for his service but instead he saw multi-million dollar athletes kneeling during the national anthem.  As a marine, many people said “they will understand it’s for the movement of racial injustice, but they don’t. Many people feel it is not against marines but it goes against everything they are fighting for and this marine explained that marines aren’t making millions of dollar fighting for our country, these athletes are.  Marines don’t play one game a day then get a good break to see their families. Marines don’t play a fun game with friends having a good time.

What it Proves: Marines do feel this is disrespectful towards them and this should be changed.

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  1. TJ, does the feedback you received by inclusion in our class Lectures for Sources and Rhetoric satisfy you for now? Or do you want other reactions from me to your work here in the White Paper?

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    1. No, the in class Lecture was great and it helped me out a lot, think I will easily be able to find 15 more good sources now, thank you very much for the help..

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