White Paper-Jadden14

Content Descriptions

  1. Creatine as a supplement
  2. Side effects of Creatine
  3. Creatine use in athletes
  4. Effects of taking too much/taking too little Creatine
  5. Long term and short term effects of Creatine use

Purposeful Summaries


Working Hypothesis 1

Creatine is a safe substance and should be used by athletes to help them perform better.

Working Hypothesis 2

Creatine is a harmful substance and should not be used by athletes as it has many harmful effects later in life.

Topics for Smaller Papers

Definition Argument

Creatine is one of the most widely used and effective supplements for better muscular endurance and overall strength progression. Creatine is one of the most effective supplements an athlete can take to help develop size and strength, overall increasing their abilities within their sport. Due to the many misconceptions surrounding the substance, parents and coaches sometimes fear that it could have negative effects on the body and greatly affect the athlete’s lives in the long run.

Rebuttal Argument

Creatine, often used by bodybuilders as a weightgaining, muscle building supplement, is harmful in the long run due to its balding agents. One of the most notable effects is that it will bring out the genetic trait for male pattern baldness. Those who have this will become bald much faster under the use of this supplement.

Cause and Effect Argument

Creatine is one of the most effective supplements for long term muscle development. A small dose of 5g/day will ultimately increase the strength and size of any athlete, optimizing their performance on the field. For bodybuilder’s, its long term effects will lead to more lean muscle mass gained over time against their competitors.

Current State of the Research Paper

My research leads me to believe that creatine really is still on the fence, scientifically. The lean is more towards the safe side, as some of the long term effects are not harmful, but can cause concern. I am leaning more towards the side that it is a safe substance, as I have used it before and yielded excellent results, but I am solely keeping my opinions to myself, for a non-bias paper.



  1. It can sometimes increase male-pattern baldness due to the substance increasing DHT levels.
  2. Some studies point to creatine causing Heart Disease in certain cases later on in life, and fatigue and dehydration in the short term.
  3. In large doses, creatine can lead to Liver and Heart damage.


  1. Creatine is an excellent supplement for athletes, it increases overall lean muscle mass and strength.
  2. Creatine will help increase production of ATP in the muscles, allowing them to work harder.
  3. Creatine pulls water into the cells, increasing protein synthesis (Ultimately leading to overall long term increased lean muscle gain).

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