White Paper – thebeard

Content Descriptions

  • How fighting in NHL helps motivate teams
  • How often fighting actually occurs in an ice hockey game
  • How often players get injured from fighting
  • The benefits of fighting in the NHL
  • Injuries from fighting vs. injuries from normal playtime


1.  Working Hypothesis 1

I believe that fighting staying in hockey gives advantage to teams when players fight and that fewer injuries occur in an actual fight compared to normal playtime.

1a. Working Hypothesis 2

If fighting was not a part of hockey would people stop watching and would some players not have a job anymore because they are enforcers and are on a team to fight.

2. Topics for Smaller Papers

Definition/Classification Argument

I will talk about fighting in the NHL and how often if happens. I will explain what fighting actually is and how fighting in the NHL is compared to fights in other sports.

Cause and Effect Argument

I will talk about what the NHL would be without fighting and how much it would change the sport. If the NHL got rid of fighting some players would be out of a job or have to play in a different league.

Rebuttal Argument

Most people think that injuries occur a lot from fighting but in reality more injuries occur during normal playtime. Very often does a person get injured from fighting and if they do they are normally fine shortly after.

3. Current State of my Research Paper

My research paper is coming along nicely, I have had a little bit of trouble trying to find out what to really talk about. I have all the sources that I need and a few extra. My opinions have not changed at all, I still believe that fighting should stay in hockey and should always be in hockey.


One thought on “White Paper – thebeard”

  1. I came here hoping to get a good sense of the state of your paper in preparation for our meeting today, TheBeard. I didn’t find much that will help me. I’ll be counting on you today to update me on your progress.


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