White Paper – theintern

Content Descriptions

  • Business Ethics
  • Moral Ethics
  • Corporate Scandals
  • Personal Characteristics in College Students’ Evaluations of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corruption within businesses like certain companies and accounting firms

1.Working Hypothesis 1

I believe that those who begin to work in corporates take a turn from their moral ethics to new business ethics they learn because of their business surroundings.

1a. Working Hypothesis 2

Corporations find ethics to be a drain on profits; but every corporation claims to promote strong business ethics.

2. Topics for smaller papers

Defintion/Classification Argument

Moral ethics is different than business ethics, moral ethics is what we know what is right from wrong. Ethics are taught by our parents/guardians and but business ethics is completely different it is more about what is good for the business. Whether it is the right or wrong thing to do but whatever makes the business be more profitable will always be the right decision.

Cause/Effect Argument

The cause of so many problems are because people having a change of thought instead of using their moral ethics they learned from birth, they listen to society which have an affect on their minds. The consequences and effect of not following through the business world with business ethics is a loss of a job, and a loss of money for the business.

Rebuttal Argument

Every business lies about their business ethics. Businesses brag about their company but they are not really presenting themselves well. For example, Enron was a well known company that skyrocketed through false allocations and falsely indicating their true ethics to the world (Enron committed fraud and fixed their profits on the books).

3. Current state of research paper

My current state of my research paper could be better. I have not changed my opinion and I am solidified with my topic. Though I have learned more about the differences between moral versus business ethics. In all honesty I thought they were somewhat the same but after thorough research I found that they are completely different. I sometimes think I am done researching but I learned that there is so much more to be discovered. Hopefully the outcome of this paper will be a success. I know I will need some help starting each argument because I always get stuck.

2 thoughts on “White Paper – theintern”

  1. Your 2nd Hypothesis is much more robust and clear than your 1st, TheIntern.

    The 1st says only that “a turn” is taken, which could mean anything.
    What you probably mean is that business rookies quickly figure out that the high ethical standards they expected businesses to practice don’t actually exist in a highly-competitive marketplace where they are perceived as a liability.

    The 2nd spells out your argument in no uncertain terms.
    Corporations find ethics to be a drain on profits; but every corporation claims to promote strong business ethics.

    This is the place where I should find direct evidence of what you’re reading and writing, TheIntern. Your sources should be collected here, your Purposeful Summaries of what you’re reading. Direct quotes that you think might be relevant to your developing thesis should also be here, waiting until you might need them. You should be trying out language here, returning to the White Paper every time you have an idea to jot down or an argument to test.

    Suppose you were me, checking in to see how my favorite student is doing on his paper. I’d read your 3. Current State section and learn almost nothing except that there are differences between two kinds of ethics. How they’re different, which one is pre-eminent in the business world, who decides which one to apply when they conflict, and every other detail of your argument, whatever it may be, are not mentioned. I’m happy to help with your arguments, TheIntern, but I need to see your material to be of any use.


  2. I was hoping to see you practicing your arguments here, TheIntern, but I didn’t find much to give me a sense of the current state of your paper. I’ll count on you this morning to update me on your progress.


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