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If you have gone to a hockey game before then you know that a fight is one of the best things to happen, aside from your team winning. Fighting has been part of the NHL since the rules of the sport were first written in the 1800s. The “Original Six” era saw fighting established as an ordinary part of the NHL game according to Jamie Fitzpatrick in the article “History of Hockey Fights.” Throughout the years there have been many “goons” who have been the tough guys on teams. Teams such as the Philadelphia Flyers have used fighting and intimidation as core tactics during the 70s.

There are several different ways that fighting it still a good thing to have in the game. No one will ever question a player for defending a teammate and having to fight someone. This is in every sport not just hockey, teammates defend each other, it happens in baseball with dugouts emptying and full teams running at each other. It also happens in football when offensive linemen pull down defensive players for getting a late hit on their quarterback. Fighting is also a huge momentum shift in hockey, winning a fight can pump a team and the crowd.


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I know that this is late, I have been trying to turn it in but I simply did not know what to write. I could use some help on what more specific things I could argue. I want to argue that hockey should stay in the NHL and the sport in general but I do not know if I will be able to get to 3000 words just talking about that. I need help to find something that would be better like how fighting actually helps teams win with statistics and such. Just a thought I had but I would love some feedback on maybe this on possibly a new topic.

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  1. If I were writing on this topic, I’d start by examining the core purpose of any competitive sport, which is TO KNOCK YOUR OPPONENT OUT.

    While there are plenty of wonderful reasonable people who object to violence in sport (as in any other part of life), no sports fan would ever suggest “getting the fighting out of boxing.”

    Reduced to its essence, the notion of removing physical intimidation, fear of injury, or rude physical contact from any sport seems quite ridiculous. Basketball has its fouls; so does football; but both encourage a lot of hard charging, “putting a body on,” physically manhandling any opponent within the boundaries of the rules. That hockey permits a few seconds of unbridled pounding of opponents on opponents only makes it a hybrid of several other sports, some more violent, some less.

    Advice for those who think hockey should cut out the fighting: watch soccer.

    Now, is there a 3000-word thesis worthy of investigating somewhere inside the topic of hockey fights? Sure there is. You haven’t found it because you think the only way to consider your topic is YES or NO. There should be fighting, or there shouldn’t. But a more thorough examination of a whole range of sports, all of which include some measure of physical contact or intimidation would yield a richer appreciation of the value of the briefly unbridled violence to this particular game. You don’t have to say it’s a GOOD thing that players get injured by fists thrown deliberately at their heads, but, for example, you could track the number of injuries that occur to players during the regular course of competition, and compare that to the number of injuries that occur during periods of fighting, and conclude that, surprisingly, players are SAFER DURING FIGHTS than at any other time during the game.

    That would be a fun conclusion to draw if it’s warranted. And beautifully counterintuitive.

    Anyway, I hope I got you thinking. I’d appreciate your reply.


    1. Thank you for the help, yes that did really get me thinking. I never thought about talking about the injuries in fighting vs. injures from normal playtime. The statement that you said about the advice for those who think hockey should cut out the fighting that they should watch soccer made me laugh. I am also more thinking about how to compare fighting in hockey compared to other sports that have hitting/fighting.


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