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After many problems with the violence of guns enough is enough! Gun violence snuffs out a life too early, and it inflicts pain where it was not intended, on the survivors. Gun violence also deprives families of their loved ones. When someone is shot it may leave them permanently injured and or dead. What would people do if there loved ones were affected and suddenly not here one day? Gun violence is the trauma inflicted on survivors and we must do more as a country to prevent it.

In society today we always here about gun violence but has one did anything to lower this deadly or non deadly rate? We first need to address reasons as to why people need guns? I believe that guns are only necessary if you are fighting in the war for our country nothing more nothing less! I know there are many guns laws in effect today like the right to carry with a permit but to me that gives a negative stigma on people. Next to me having a right to carry is basically giving you a free range to draw your weapon soon as you get into a altercation with someone. I’m not saying this is facts but this is simply my opinion. In the article “The Benefits Of Reducing Gun Violence” the author states “compared with earlier research our estimates provide a very different picture of both
the magnitude and distribution of the costs of gun violence. Previous studies of the
benefits of reducing gun violence have adopted an ex post approach that begins with a
count of the annual number of gunshot injuries and then multiples this figure by some
estimate of the cost per injury.”  This shows me the importance of bad gun violence is affecting our country and were simply not doing anything to stop it.

Gun violence has been a bad epidemic since the beginning of times. If anyone was to know anything about gun violence it would be me! When I was just 13 years old my father Kevin Johnson was shot and killed on July 1 2011,in Camden NJ. Next I wondered so much about why this occurred and always thought to myself what would cause someone to end someones life on anyone else’s terms except God. My father was gunned down around 3 am and was shot at 12 times were he succumbed to his injuries.Before the passing of my father I as a child was never really allowed to play with toy guns or cap guns as we used to call them due to the ability that it might encourage us to actually want to shoot someone one day my elders stated. I believe the epidemic of guns started once more when video games created more of a violent and negative stigma to hurt someone who gets in your way!  Almost every video game that is out today deals with guns and or violence which may create negative behavior towards another person .Ever since that tragic day I always look back and review why are guns so important in the first place for our country.

Furthermore losing a loved one to gun violence is something that’s terrible. Next the thought of them dying in so much pain and agony makes you cringe to the floor. I can contest that the mental process is something that is hard to deal with, your constantly thinking and wondering how could someone want to harm someone so bad to the point where the other person is dead. Likewise in the process you have to deal with crying,long nights of reminiscing and ,planning to make sure that the day they are laid to rest is nothing but magnificent. In my opinion its just not a pretty feeling I was very depressed and could not stop asking God why this had to happen to me! I questioned myself asking what did I do wrong? Or could I have stopped my father from being out so late that night? I basically felt like there was something that I could’ve done to prevent his death and I was only thirteen years old at the time. In addition to this  very day I am still wondering what would make someone want to shoot my father 12 times in cold agony. The article of my fathers death “One dead ,four wounded” offer a brief synopsis of what happened. The article stated “Kevin Johnson, 31, of Camden, was shot multiple times about 1:30 a.m. It appears he was in an argument with the shooter prior to the time of the shooting. He died about 2 a.m. in Cooper University Hospital here, a spokesman for Faulk said.” I still want to know what  was the argument about that initiated the killing of my loving father ! Will I ever get answers that will ease my pain and take this burden off my chest?  Some answers I may never find out and I have to live with that pain for the rest of my life .

What can we do to stop gun violence? The article “Gun Violence Must Stop Here’s What We Can Do To Prevent More Deaths” recommends and states that there should be gun safety among anyone who wants the right to carry a weapon. This system would make people who want to obtain the right to have a firearm commit to firearm training to insist that the weapon is being properly kept. I believe the needs for this is great and would permit less people to want to carry because some people are simply lazy and might not want to commit to the training.Next they recommend a mental health assessment! As stated in my Proposal+5 I believe that all people who want to have a gun in their possession that they undergo serious mental health evaluations. Therefore the article recommends that we have to get rid of the bad stigma of mental health and issues and really get checked at the appropriate  time. Many people are afraid of what others think which causes people to may not wanna be evaluated.

Later as a country we must continue to move in the right direction. As a move in progress a we must continue to question why do people need to have fire arms? I think that that if you want to use firearms for violence then you should join the army or something of that nature. I believe that if you have a firearm and are a person with problems with the law and have prior affiliation to violence and especially with gun violence you should not be permitted to have one.  I say this because the person is more likely to resort to violence especially with gun violence. As we are tying to reduce and prevent gun violence as much as possible the more people out the way the better. We must simply react differently and  the article “Gun Violence Must Stop Here’s What We Can Do To Prevent More Deaths” the 4th recommendation or clause consists of sensible gun laws! Their is no reason that there are ways in which you can maneuver around the system and find random people selling firearms legal.This is a way in which people have to got through a background check and re institute the gun laws. This recommendation proposed that deadly weapons of any assault has any range of being anywhere in the community or any immediate surroundings except the battlefield as I previously talked about. In the article “Violent Felons Can Buy Guns Online Without Background Checks”  states that “Federal law prohibits felons from purchasing or receiving guns unless their rights have been formally restored. However, felons can get around this obstacle by buying guns from sellers who do not require criminal background checks.” Furthermore this is very dangerous and the source and sight should be doomed illegal and needs to be shut down immediately. Next the article states”Violent felons aren’t allowed to buy guns, period ,But they can take advantage of the loophole in federal law that allows gun sales, including some gun sales over the Internet, to purchase from non-licensed sellers, who don’t have to conduct a background check.” This is a very serious and problem that must be federally evaluated and looked as a probation violation for felons that aren’t legitimately able to purchase weapons.

6 thoughts on “Definition Argument -New EditionLover”

  1. Most readers (myself included) would bail on an essay if the first sentence began, “The definition of . . . ,” NewEditionLover. I understand I assigned you a Definition Argument essay, but the models I shared with you of good definition essays did a much better job of disguising their intentions. In fact, they both recognized that they had much more meaningful intentions than just describing a term. They were mapping out the rules of an argument to convince readers of something important.

    You have serious intentions. You’re going to convince us that SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE about gun violence. But before you get us to agree to your argument, you’re going to have to make us care about the topic.

    So, let me put the question to you. Would you read the essay that begins with this sentence?

    The definition of gun violence is is violence committed with the use of a gun (firearm or small arm).

    It’s a fair question that you have to ask yourself about all your sentences. If the answer is No, then . . .

    (Sorry. Interrupted. Back later.)

    Gun related violence may or may not be considered criminal. Criminal, includes homicide (except when and where ruled justifiable), assault with a deadly weapon, and suicide, or attempted suicide, depending on jurisdiction.


  2. Back after the interruption. Let’s resume.

    It’s a fair question that you have to ask yourself about all your sentences. If the answer is No, then what can you do to make readers read the second sentence? You must promise them something important, interesting, meaningful.

    Let’s see if you accomplish that in your second sentence:

    Gun related violence may or may not be considered criminal. Criminal, includes homicide (except when and where ruled justifiable), assault with a deadly weapon, and suicide, or attempted suicide, depending on jurisdiction.

    I have to be honest, NEL; that one doesn’t cut it either.

    Maybe you think there’s no way to make a Definition Essay interesting. But we’ve read a couple together that were not boring. They also did not begin by saying: The definition of “theft” is different for different people.” Yawn. Or “The definition of fiduciary responsibility is important in terms of the state’s liability for public pensions.” I’m asleep already.


  3. Your quote from “The Benefits Of Reducing Gun Violence” is incomplete. The author promises that he will compare earlier research to current research, but you cut him off. He say the old way to calculate the cost of gun violence was to multiply the number of injuries by an average cost per injury. That’s half of the comparison. You don’t let him describe his new method of calculating the cost of gun violence. Instead, you conclude: “This shows me the importance of bad gun violence is affecting our country and were simply not doing anything to stop it.” I see no way to draw that conclusion from the partial quote you offered. One thing simply does not follow from the other.


  4. I am pained to hear of your personal tragedy, NewEdition. The lesson you learned as a child should happen to no one. I’m glad you’ve decided to share it and that it motivates you to speak out against gun violence. Now, let’s figure out the best way to do that effectively using the best evidence you can find. So far, your readers (including me) are not seeing it here in your essay.

    You waste your first paragraph laying out some legal-sounding definition terms. But they don’t begin to describe what happens when someone gets shot. Differences of jurisdiction, and between small and large arms, are irrelevant to your purpose. What matters is what they HAVE IN COMMON. Whatever size the gun, wherever it is fired, it deprives families of their loved ones. It snuffs out a life too early, AND it inflicts pain where it was not intended, on the survivors. That’s a definition of gun violence that matters to YOUR essay. Gun violence is the TRAUMA INFLICTED ON SURVIVORS. Not everybody would describe gun violence this way, but the rules of a Definition Essay put the power in your hands to define the terms AS YOU WANT THEM DEFINED to suit YOUR ARGUMENT.

    Is that clear?
    I’d appreciate your reply.

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  5. That’s good. Now, as soon as you can, please revise this essay to reflect your understanding that it’s your chance to shape an argument to your liking. Tell your readers exactly what is so devastating about losing a family member to gun violence you think can and should be prevented by whatever means you believe will be most effective. There’s plenty of time to get this right, and you have the perspective to make the essay really meaningful.

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