Proposal+5 – Princess45

For my research paper, I chose the counterintuitive topic of freedom of speech, freedom of speech concerning out president. Donald J. Trump has multiple times gone on television and has said basically whatever he wants too. He has cursed, called people out and has said things without thinking twice about them. Also Trump’s tweets have been taken to a whole new level.


The Essential Content of the article: Explains how Trump says everything and anything, shows how he says major announcements casually which is not how they should be announced.

What it Proves: Trump has no experience, and has not accomplished high presidential standards.


The Essential Content of the article: Trump has or may have not been called a moron by a government official. It has now became more important then any economic or political issue going on right now in our country.

What It Proves: Trump can call an NFL football player a “Son of a Bitch” and it is seemingly okay? But, as soon as the tables are reversed all hell breaks loose. There is no freedom of speech for the famous, the celebrities, or anyone in the public eye. They get bashed and hate for speaking freely, but it is okay for our PRESIDENT to say and do whatever it is that he wants.


The Essential Content of the article: Trump threatens to terminate Iran deal if it is not strengthened, because they ruined “the spirit of it”. Iran warns U.S. not to terminate deal, no one will ever trust U.S. again. Trump is forcing congress to better the deal.

What it Proves: Trump makes it clear that he can do whatever he wants. He can say and do whatever he wants because “he is the President”


The Essential Content of the article: Trump has again bashed Puerto Rico in a tweet. Trump claimed that the consequences of the hurricane are because of them and threatens to pull federal emergency management.

What It Proves: Trump is treating Puerto Rico as if they’re second-class citizens. Trump gets away with tweeting negative things about Americans. He again makes it clear that he can do whatever he wants because he is the president.


The Essential Content of the article: Trump again slams another state. Trump trashes New Hampshire when he describes it as a “drug infested den”. Two moths ago he acted on the presidential opioid commission and declared the crisis as a national emergency and still has not done anything to put the plan in action.

What it Proves: Our president should not be trashing our country in any way. He freely says unprofessional things without any question of it. Trump has also not acted on several of his promises.


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