Proposal +5- Flyerfan1974

Proposal- For my research essay I am going to be discussing why helmets in football make the game more dangerous. Forever, football has been a very dangerous sport, causing injuries the can cause a lifetime of pain. Many blows to the head causes players to form CTE, a brain condition where plaques eat away the brain tissue.

Football equipment has come a long way since the leather heads, but players are still receiving concussions. The use of protective equipment is prompting players to hit harder, due to a phenomenon called risk compensation.

  1. “What is CTE?”

The Essential Content of the article: This article provides information about CTE such as causes, symptoms, treatments, and who is more at risk. It goes into detail about how CTE destroys the body.

What it Proves: This article shows how CTE is caused by playing American football, and how it destroys the human body.

2. “Risk Compensation: A “Side Effect” of Sport Injury Prevention”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article describes how risk compensation prompts humans to act more aggressively, increasing the risk for injury. The article lists how risk compensation plays a role in football, rugby, baseball, skiing, and everyday bicycle helmet use.

What it Proves: The article proves that more protection leaded to more aggressive, riskier behavior. It gives this phenomenon a name, and backs it up with scientific findings.

3. “Effectiveness of headgear in a pilot study of under 15 rugby union football”

The Essential Content of the Article: This study concluded that rugby players wearing the head gear, actually received more concussions.

What it Proves: Head protection may increase your chances of concussions in rugby and football. It also shows that out of all the players in the study, only 9 received concussions.

4. “The counter-intuitive idea that could drastically reduce football’s concussions”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article discusses how University of New Hampshire professor Erik Swartz proposes the idea that helmets may be hurting our players.

What it Proves: Taking helmets out of football can reduce the number of concussions by causing players to play much safer. The article also proves how the idea of risk compensation can apply to not just sports.

5. “ESPN Football Analyst Walks Away, Disturbed by Brain Trauma on Field”

The Essential Content of the Article: This article talks about how ESPN football broadcaster Ed Cunningham quit his job because of all the brain trauma in the sports. Cunningham a player himself, tells his story about how he cannot stand to watch players retire early due to health concerns.

What it Proves: This article proves how CTE has affected one mans life. Not directly, but indirectly it caused him to quit a top job in sports. The brain trauma and injuries were too much for him to handle, and he did not want to be disturbed by it anymore.

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