Proposal+5 Rewrite—TheAdmiral

Proposal- For my research paper, I would like to look into the debate of kneeling or standing for the national anthem in the NFL, and get people’s feelings on the matter. I want to research the background of why this is going on, and possibly explain both sides of the matter.

Source one:

Personal survey that I will administer to average people to get their opinions on the matter.

Essential content: The essential content of the survey will allow me to gather people’s opinions and knowledge on the subject

What it proves: I do not know what it will prove, but it will definitely prove something.

Source two:

Essential context: This source is giving information on police brutality, and the effects that it has had on this country. The source talks about a particular incident in Oakland, Ca, where a man was forced to the ground without threatening police, and shot in the back, all while being video taped by at least five people.

What it proves: This source proves that police brutality is alive and well in this country, supporting the idea of kneeling for the pledge.

Source three:

Click to access opinion_editorial_5.pdf

Essential Context: This article talks about how the protest started, and gave Collin Kaepernicks view and the reasons that he started the protest. It also gives insight on the reasons the protest started.

What it proves: This source gives us more information on what the protest is, and the origin of protesting. This article further explains Collin Kapernicks whole view on it, and why he even started the protest in the first place.

Source four: The song “Proud to be an American” By Lee greenwood

Essential context: talks about what it means to be an american, and how proud we should be as a nation. It is unspoken that we as Americans have a devoted love to their country, and writing this song was just one of the many ways that we as Americans show our love to the flag and our country.

What it proves: How much pride some people have in the country, that they decided to make a song showing it. The song has lines like “And Ill proudly stand up” talking about standing up and fighting for the country that they love.

Source five:

Essential Context: This article talks about the 49ers still protesting, and gives Roger Goodell’s (The NFL commissioner) statement on the matter. Roger Goodell states that he supports the players right to peacefully protest, but he does not want it to effect the attendance at football games.

What it proves: It proves that kneeling has become a big issue dealing with patriotism in the country, and even after statements from the commissioner have been released, players are still doing it because they feel so strongly.

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