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For my research paper I have decided to change the topic. My original argument was going to be on whether or not Sigmund Freud deserves to be the father of psychology, but after some deliberation I have come to the conclusion that an argument like that isn’t worth the ammunition. So after pulling my hair out of my head all weekend long I have finally chosen a new topic to discuss. My topic will now be the heartlessness that comes with the American Healthcare system . My argument will be that healthcare in the United States isn’t about helping people, and extend/bettering people’s lives, it’s about the money. There are numerous occasions of people dying or suffering because they don’t have the money to pay for treatment or medication. Families that are left with the burden, and we are the only country that does this. Corruption with the one system people should feel safe in, and no one is talking about it, until now.

  1. The Fake Freedom of American Health Care

Essential Content of the Article: This article is about the healthcare system in America currently. It talks about the ups and the downs the healthcare system has faced in the last few years dealing with Obamacare and Trumps view on things. It sheds some light on the standing that the Republican and Democratic parties have on the issues within the system. In a nutshell, this article is comparing the American healthcare system to other countries and give a better understanding within the political parties.

What it proves: This article proves that politicians and the government really don’t care about the people that these systems are trying to help. It proves that the main focus is the money that will come out of it and, maybe more important, the money going into it. The article provides a quote from republican representative for Utah and gives a clear direction on his takes about the issues of American’s not being able to afford healthcare.

2. Corrupt Healthcare Practices Drive Up Costs and Fail Patients

Essential Content of the Article: This article is specifically talking about the rising cost of healthcare and the inner workings of the budget cut that Trump is making. It discusses how the spending cost hasn’t dropped and that healthcare isn’t worried about the patients anymore but more on the money that flows in. This article is very informative on today’s view of the healthcare system and gives some insight on the issues at hand.

What it proves: This articles proves the idea and argument that the healthcare system in America isn’t for the patients anymore, but for the money that each business profits out of this. It breaks down where the money is going and how it’s divided between the pharmacies, hospitals, and insurance company. The patient gets lost in the exchange of money and all they become is new client to make a profit off of.

3. This is How American Healthcare Kills People

Essential Content of the Article: This article is about an actual person and his experience with the American Healthcare system. It tells his story as a man pursuing his doctoral in history and becoming devastatingly ill with autoimmune hepatitis. His story doesn’t stop with his diagnosis, but starts because of the torment the healthcare system has put him through. All for a sick man’s health, something we should all have the right to, and he can’t afford it. The article goes into detail about the issues he faced and how the issues of the American healthcare system are killing people.

What it proves: I personally think that this will be a very important piece in my research paper. It proves the corruption of the healthcare system from a patients point of view. It’s a personal story of the healthcare system not doing it’s job helping, but killing people based on the pursue of profit. This man is dying, and needs help, but without the funds to get it he is on his own. This article proves that in a personal sense and this is important for my argument.

4. How Today’s Corrupt Healthcare System is About to Get Worse

Essential Content of the Article: This article is about how our healthcare system isn’t even at it’s worse, but it’s about to be. This article explains the current situation that America is facing with healthcare and with Trump as our new leader. Trump has plans to change somethings within the healthcare system, but the question is whether or not it’s going to help or hinder us as the people. The article claims that it will hurt us and gives reasons and examples as to why.

What it proves: The article proves the next moves that the Trump administration are about to make regarding the American healthcare. It goes into detail about where the money will be heading and how each state will now have a changed budget with can go either way when it comes to being beneficial or not. The article proves what will be happening to the healthcare system in the years to come with Trump as our president. It proves that it is getting worse.

5. How Medical Care is Being Corrupted

Essential Content of the Article: This article is about the position and roles the doctors have in the corruption that is happening within our healthcare system. It talks about the relationships between doctors and their patients and how the public feels they can’t trust their physicians. The insurance companies and hospitals have put together contracts that wrongfully have “pay for performance” incorporated into it. This is breaking the bridge between the patients and the physicians because it’s affecting the treatment and overall interaction with the patients.

What it proves: This article proves two things. The doctors involvement with the corruption, and the patient outcome. Doctors are not doing all that they can to help because they get a cap on money and get money for the way they handle treatment. It’s hurting the people that they have taken an oath to help and it’s wrong. It’s almost as if the physicians are getting bullied into this because of the paycheck they will receive for it, but at what cost?

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