Summaries- Killroy513

  1. It seems counter intuitive that someone who has not been to war claimed to get PTSD.  PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder and it mostly is found in veterans that return from war time. It is not contagious because it is trauma that occurs to ones self during a specific event. The Spouses of people suffering from PTSD can get symptoms of depression and other problems that can affect their everyday life.

2. It seems counter intuitive that Canada would give drug abusers more of the same drugs they are hooked on to cure them. People that use illegal drugs or abuse drugs are trying to escape from reality because they can not deal with it. Giving them drugs only continues the addiction that they caused to themselves. Once you start abusing drugs there is always a feeling to go back.

3. It seems counter intuitive that you would not put armor on the places most shot up by anti air or machines on a plane but put it in other places. The logic behind this is that the places shot up in planes that return safely means that those places are not important. This means that other places that were not exposed are armored to prevent any serious damage to the plane. This study was conducted by a Hungarian mathematician and proves plausible.

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